Chapter 29: Bonded

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Another update! This scene does have a mature sexual scene so if you don't wish to read it'll be marked from where it begins. I hope you enjoy!

The walk to the pack house was filled with a comfortable silence as the sun set, leaving behind a chill. Phoenix held Leanna's hand in his, watching her. He was so in awe of her he couldn't seem to tear his eyes away. Every inch of her was perfection.

"Mm, do you smell that? They're starting a bonfire," Leanna chatted, her voice soft and melodious. 

When they reached the edge of the treeline, Phoenix took in the sight. His pack was just a little over seven thousand strong stretching over 42 acres of land. They had several bonfires and barbecues going and in the very center, was the largest fire so far where their close friends sat. Leanna let out a gleeful laugh and Phoenix glanced down at her.

The smile that graced her face was one of pure joy and happiness. Her eyes were bright as she released his hand, rushing toward Gemma and Sophie who welcomed her with laughs and hugs. The sight had his heart filling with immense gratitude. Just about everyone had come to accept her as part of the pact and her ease at helping others and bringing a smile to someone's face would make her an amazing Luna.

Already, he could tell the pack members sensed it. There was no hiding the mark he'd given her and it cemented her role as the Luna. The tension he'd felt for years, shouldering the pack duties and stresses alone, were slowly disappearing. With a Luna, the pack was whole and they were breathing a sigh of relief.

Leanna glanced over at him, smiling. She curled her finger, indicating for him to come which he gladly did so.

"So..." Gemma trailed off and Leanna looked at her as Phoenix approached. "You did bang yet?"

The Luna blushed a violent shade of red, looking down at her feet. "Oh my Goddess, Gem! That-.. Why.." 

Gemma fell into a fit of laughter, snorting hard, "Yeesh woman, relax! I'd smell it on you if you did. Though that was very satisfying!"

"Such a bully, Gemma," Sophie giggled, letting out a squeal with Jack came up to them.

He placed a kiss on her lips and Gemma's eyes quickly snapped over to Leanna as their eyes widened. With everything going on, they'd completely forgotten about what they'd seen earlier that day; Jack, very obviously cheating on Sophie with Olivia.

"Hello, Alpha," Jack gave him a nod of respect, his eyes drifting over Leanna with a hard roll.

Leanna, with the brand new mark, could now sense Phoenix's emotions and he was not happy.

Relax, she mindlinked him. We haven't exactly announced it or anything.

You have my mark and my scent is all over you. It doesn't take a genius, Lena.

She squeezed his hand softly, trying to relax him as she talked to Gemma and Sophie. He met Jack's eyes, giving him a dark look. The wolf immediately bowed his head under the pressure of his Alpha's stare.

He broke it a few seconds later and Jack scurried off under the excuse of getting them some drinks.

The next couple of hours few by as they enjoyed their time relaxing, eating the food and staying warm by the fire. Music began to play at some point and several groups of people were laughing as they danced along to the beat. 

With everyone preoccupied, Gemma took the opportunity to pull Sophie aside, who looked a bit frustrated.

"Have you guys seen Jack? He completely disappeared," she crossed her arms, upset.

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