1) One Day in Paris

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Note: This short story takes place twenty years after the events of Thick as Thieves. This story will contain major spoilers for that book. If you've already finished TAT or if you don't mind spoilers, go ahead!

If you do read, I truly hope you'll leave comments, for I wrote this for all of you guys.Thank you!

Paris, 1923

On a beautiful May morning, an ageless couple celebrated a birthday. Both magically stuck at twenty-four, they always found birthdays to be strange. They had been together for the last two decades, navigating through the tricky waters of not growing old and yet tirelessly brushing against Death. Nonetheless, they never passed on the chance to celebrate something. Especially not when the celebration included slipping back into the city where it practically all began.

As the sunrise crept into their hotel room, Constantine rolled off his husband, already satisfied well before seven. His body hit the cool sheets as they both heaved sighs.

"Good morning," Abner said, breathless. "Holy shit."


They lay in content silence for a moment. Nothing but the sound of their heartbeats returning to normal filled the bedroom. Pink and orange light swept through the gauzy curtains, and cast them in a romantic glow. Constantine closed his eyes and let the gorgeous morning wash over him.

"You want one?"

Constantine looked over and saw that Abner sat against the headboard, hair tousled, skin damp, and a cigarette between his lips.

"It's too early to smoke," he said.

Abner shrugged. Constantine lay there, knowing he should clean up, but instead he watched his husband stare into the distance and smoke. After a few moments, he reached out and they passed the cigarette back and forth. They only did this when the sex left both of them relatively speechless.

"So," Constantine said, sitting up slightly. He traced little circles on Abner's skin, enjoying the way his muscled stomach rose and fell beneath the touch."What time is my party?"

The historian choked, quickly grinding out the cigarette. "Wh-what?"

"The party?"

"You know," Abner said, flatly. "Who told you? Was it Alice? I bet it was Alice. She never knows when to-"

"No one told me, you're just terrible at keeping secrets from me."

"Well, fuck, it was supposed to be a surprise."

"It is. Mostly. I just know it's happening, I don't know anything else."

"Well," Abner mused. He ran his fingers through Constantine's hair, a gesture so familiar that they both smiled. "Can you play dumb for Elias? He has this whole elaborate plan for today. Take you out, distract you, while I'm supposed to feign sickness while actually setting up-"

"Elias is in on this?"

"Well, yes, it was actually his idea," Abner said. In one swift movement, he pulled Constantine back into his lap. Constantine winced, slightly, but his husband's hands gently kneaded the soft skin of his waist. "We just wanted to get some people together and celebrate."

"Who's coming?"

"I'm not telling. You go spend the day with your brother and then you'll see who is there at eight."

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