Extra Smut Chapter

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So I can't write smut to save my life, so my friend Morgan gave me tips and wrote a couple sentences for me (: sorry it's still not very good though, like I said I suck at smut :/

WARNING: RATED M for sexual content

-Caspar's POV-

Joe's hand grabbed hold of the bottom of my shirt, and he glided his arm up until my shirt was off.

He then began to button down his shirt. My eyes followed his skilled fingers, as his chest became more and more exposed.

His shirt was open, but not taken off. His hand curiously wandered down my chest. I stopped him, and flipped positions so he was now beneath me. I was fully aware of my weight lingering above his.

I finished taking off his shirt, staring at his perfectly toned chest.

"I love you," I said, leaning down to kiss the side of his neck.

"I-I love you too." He stammered.

I removed my lips from his soft skin to look at his face.

My breath was forcefully stolen, as I stared down at him. His pink face clearly uncomfortable but excited at the same time. It was a side of his I had never seen.

I leaned down and kissed his left cheek lightly. I turned and took my time to brush my lips against his right cheek.

"Stop teasing," he murmured into my ear, as his fingers slipped through my hard bringing my head down to place my lips to his.

As our lips met, his tongue began to mingle with mine.

I moved my hand to his pants, and tugged at them. His breathing quickened, but I didn't break from the kiss.

His pants were just far down enough for my hand to reach the bulge in his boxers. My hand gently wrapped around his area.

"C-Caspar." He moaned into my mouth.

I broke from the kiss to breathe, and my head fell against the side of his head.

"Relax," I said, as I nibbled on the bottom of his ear lightly, testing what reaction I'd get.

A shudder of pleasure was what it resulted in.

"You're so perfect," Passion dripping from Joe's tone.

I moved my body down, and practically tore Joe's jeans off. I was more delicate as I carefully slipped down his boxers.

I glanced up at his face. He was looking to the side, his face a deep scarlet. I couldn't help but smile.

"Want to me to touch you?" My voice was teasing but serious at the same time. It was almost unrecognizable as it was masked with pure lust.

Joe gave me a single embarrassed nod, avoiding eye contact.

God, this guy was intoxicating. Forget beer, Joe was a dose enough.

I wrapped my fingers against his length and gave a single pump.

He arched his back slightly, as his head fell back.

"Caspar," he moaned.

I grinned, my hand sliding up and down, increasing in speed.

Joe was moaning and whimpering so quickly, I wondered if his brain had time to register the loud sounds he was emitting.

He groaned like we were the only two people in the world.

My eyes were locked onto Joe's face. His expression was simply beautiful.

"Caspar," I wanted to hear his gasping tone say my name over and over.

It wasn't the sex I was craving, I craved Joe.

He moved suddenly, slipping out of my hand.

"Let me.. I mean..."

"What is that you want, Joe?" I asked innocently.

"Can I.. I mean.... Suck?"

A deep shade of red painted over his cheeks, mine probably identical in color.

"Suck wha-" I asked teasingly.

He groaned and turned me over, not answering.

He quickly removed the little clothing I had left. It was extremely sexy how he threw my jeans and boxers aside.

His tongue peeked out of his mouth, and he lightly dragged it against the head of my cock.

A whine escaped my throat.

My breathing grew sharp and came in quick gasps, I wasn't fully prepared for what was happening.

His mouth wrapped around me, his tongue exploring my full length.

My eyes closed, "JOE!" I couldn't help but scream out.

His moist mouth covering me felt beyond words. I somewhat hesitantly pulled out of his mouth and he grinned, spit dribbling down his chin.

I looked around the room, breaking my gaze from Joe for the first time, "Shit. I don't have lube."

Joe's grin was replaced with a look of pure embarrassment, "the box." He nodded his head towards the table with his clock.

An opened box layed there, beckoning me.

I tore the cardboard open, and opened the bottle.

"Turn over," I said pouring a generous amount onto my fingers.

"M-Me?" He sounded somewhat scared.

"You," I said smiling.

He did what was told, his body stiff as his back faced me.

I poked a single finger into him. His stiff body softened as he trembled.

I wiggled my finger slightly, and the most heavenly sounds poured out of Joe's mouth like a waterfall.

I forced another finger in, lightly wiggling them in and out.

"Caspar, Caspar," Joe repeated almost melodically.

My body leaned against Joe's, "I need you," I moaned, my mouth placed on the back of his neck.

"T-then do it." He said breathlessly.

I pulled my fingers out, and slid the lube down my length quickly.

I delicately pushed into him, kissing under Joe's ear as he gasped.

Joe suddenly squeezed around me, and I let out an animalistic cry of pleasure.

After Joe's gasps began to be more of pleasure than pain I allowed myself to speed up, forcing more of myself into him.

Our bodies moved together in perfect sync. A symphony of moans escaped our mouthes rhythmically.

We were both lost in the pleasure, time flying by faster.

It almost seemed like we were born, made, and sculpted for this very moment.

I wasn't sure when I had started to stroke Joe's dick, or when it was that he started screaming my name, and I screamed his equally as loud. All I knew was that it happened and my hand was now covered with Joe's warm sticky substance.

I slowly slipped out of Joe, the same white liquid covering myself.

I collapsed on the side of the bed next to Joe. He turned over, facing me. His eyes tiredly begging for sleep and they closed slightly.

"I really love you," I whispered, as my face finally started to cool down.

"You're everything to me." Joe moved closer, and I wrapped my arms around him. Our bodies both warm and sweaty, not that either of us cared. Nothing else mattered when we were together.

His eyes closed, and mine were begging to allowed sleep as well.

Joe snuggled closer to me, and I smiled down at the most perfect human being lying beside me. I had never felt more complete.

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