Stiles Stilinski Imagine #1

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"So what time?" You asked Stiles through the phone.

"I'll pick you up in 15 so we can get the movie tickets in time before they sell out." He said.

You both hung up and you started to get dressed and ready for your movie. Stiles gave in to seeing Mockingjay Part 1 with you at the 12:00 premiere. Halfway through doing your hair, there was a knock at the door. It was only 11:17 and he wasn't supposed to be there for another 10 minutes. You opened up the door and there he was, leaning up against the front door with a black jacket and dark jeans, looking irresistibly hot as usual. He just stared into your eyes, while his were a shade darker than his normal golden brown eyes.

"Wow Stilinski, did you go 50 miles above the speed limit? That jeep can't go that fast...." You said as you closed the door behind him. Where was the jeep? Your parents were out and your car was the only one in the driveway, he probably parked close to the woods you thought. He seemed quiet, must be that kind of day for him.

"No, I guess there wasn't any traffic getting here. Why is there something wrong?" He looked down at the floor as he spoke.

"Not at all, but our movie date will have to wait for me to finish getting ready since you came early. Do you mind waiting a few?" You asked, making your way to the stairs.

He brushed up against you and moved your hair. Breathing heavily, he whispered, "How about I come upstairs as well?" He began kissing your neck roughly and leaving hickeys, marks, and trails everywhere.

It was impossible to resist his offer, so you turned around and crashed your lips into his, and he slipped his tongue in more than usual. He sucked and bit your lip and you could tell what he wanted. You led him up the stairs, but he took control and picked you up by the thighs and brought you up himself.

You ran your hands through his hair and he slammed you against your bedroom door as he squeezed your legs and ran his hands up and down your sides as your legs were wrapped around him like a koala.

"Open it." He commanded.

You reached back for the knob and before you knew it, he slammed you on your bed. You began removing your shirt and jeans. So much for getting ready and looking nice....

Stiles stopped you. "I'll do it" he said with force and a look in his eye that just showed how much he wanted you. He took your blouse and ripped it off like a bandaid. He then moved to your jeans and unbuttoned them and slid them off you smoothly. He wrapped his long skinny fingers that you loved so much into the hem of your panties and slid them down to move them to the side. What happened next was unexpected.

Without warning he put two fingers in and pumped them in and out repeatedly while you nearly ripped the sheets cause you couldn't hold on much longer.

"Holy fuck stiles, keep going!" You managed to say in between moans and gasps. He removed his hands and put his face in your heat. You dipped your head back in pleasure as he licked in places you didn't know he could reach. He looked up at you with a deep look and then removed his dark jeans to remove black boxers. He quickly removed them without saying a word and once again without warning, plunged into you. He was huge.

You let out a scream and grabbed the edge of the bed as he held your head and rocked the entire bed. This was the craziest and best sex you've ever had with him. He went deeper and deeper and hit your pleasure spot each time. Once his pace got faster, he cupped his hand over your mouth, but that didn't stop your gasping. His hips hit yours and high pitched noises you never knew you had escaped your lips.

"Mmmm shitttttt" said stiles as he released himself into you, and you did the same.

Thank god for birth control you thought.

He pulled out and you fell back on the pillow and exhaled loudly. You and stiles had never had sex like that before and this time he was..... different... to say the least. But who's complaining?

"I've got to get my uh.... wallet from the car. I'll be back. Don't you worry." Said stiles as he quickly dressed himself and made his way downstairs.

You quickly dressed yourself and began to follow him. You passed your clock and it was now 11:32, you needed to leave after he got his wallet.

You watched him walk out the door into the dark night. Why did he park the jeep so far? You couldn't even see him when he walked away.

6 minutes had passes and stiles didn't return. Then suddenly, the headlights of his jeep came down the road and into the driveway.

Stiles got out and surprisingly Scott and Alison were in the jeep too, but they weren't there minutes ago. As stiles got closer, you noticed something different, horribly different.

He was wearing a multicolored flannel with khakis and his hair was gelled and styled messily, not unstyled and soft like it was when you just.... You know....

"Hey y/n what's your cute little ass up to? Sorry I'm really late, Scott and Alison wanted to tag along so I picked them up along the way. Hope you don't mind" He pecked you on the cheek.

"I literally just saw you. Did you change clothes or something? You were just here minutes ago to go get your wallet! And we went upstairs and um.... had sex?! Do you even remember?" You were so confused.

Stiles' happy expression suddenly turned concerned and his face grew pale.

"Holy shit. Holy shit. This is really happening. SCOTT!" He called and began to sweat. Scott walked over and Stiles and him walked a few paces away. Stiles looked horrified, which made you nervous. Is there 2 of them? You knew about some of the supernatural things in Beacon Hills, could this be one of them?

"Stiles, what the hell is going on??" You asked.

Scott approached you as Stiles sank to the ground and began to panic and you did too.

"Y/N I think you just fucked with a thousand year old spirit that took Stiles' form. It's ancient name is


"It's been taunting me but I didn't know it was an actual being. And... uh guys, my dad just texted me. Movie night is way over. He said go to the police station, there's been a murder." Said stiles as he unlocked his jeep and everyone got in.

HOPE YOU LIKED IT:) Dylan O brien forever wins at everything hahah

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