Alpha's idoit son

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The picture on top or side is Derek. He is the Alpha's son.
(Theo James)

-10 years later-

"Wake up Ira! Mom is going to be upset if we are late for breakfast." I can hear him rustle out of bed trying to get up. Moments later he open the door.

"Did you say breakfast?" Ira was breathing heavy. His round face was plump, he had gained more weight over the years. Mom has been putting him in intense training for him to at least try to lose some of the weight, but the energy that he loses, he gains by eating more. Ira's thick glasses sliding down his nose. I laughed, he so cute so early in the morning. Bed hair and all.

"Yes, breakfast." I started to head towards the kitchen. "I wish you show me at least some passion as you do for the food." I turn to see him, hid his face from blushing. After ten years he still shy around me. And when I tell him I love him, he melts like butter. Still I smile at the fact that I make him feel that way.

"I-I do. . . ." He said softly.

We headed towards the kitchen mom finishing making pancakes, bacon and eggs. I sat down and so did Ira. Mom placed a plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs in front of me and a bowl of oatmeal in front of Ira. He looked disappointed, I don't know why it surprises him. Mom does this all the time.

"Alright Ira, we need you to lose a few pounds." Mom went back to making more pancakes.

"Yes Ma'm." As he started digging into his bowl, but he was eyeing my bacon. I grabbed one of my bacon and handed him one. He quickly grabbed it and put it in his mouth. Mom turn around holding the spachula at him.

"Don't you dare swallow that! Or you be running extra laps."

"Do it! It'd be so worth it!" I encourged him.

"YOU! Young lady will be running with him if he swallows." My eyes widen.

"DO IT IRA! It would be like a running date!" I can hear my mother sigh, but Ira didn't swallow yet. He was about to spit it out. Noooooo. I wanted to go on a running date. "Ira, I love you!" He blushed and he swallowed the bacon. YES! Success.

"You, young man will be running for 10 miles on top of your regular excise." Mom turn to me, as I started on my pancakes. "You will join him for the 10 mile run." I nodded my head excitedly. I'm looking forward to it.

As we finished breakfast, I had to go to class. Ira finished school last fall. Being two years older how lucky! I miss him already, and I haven't even left the house yet. Mom had him do his morning excise. We had to do the ten mile run after I get out of school.

After I claimed Ira as my mate when I was only six. Alpha let only him stay. His parents were okay with that. I had mom take him into our small corner of the pack house. Mom wouldn't allow him to stay with me in my room. I argued, but I lost that one. I spent most of my time with Ira. Come to find out Ira was really smart. When I needed help with homework or when mom's computer crashed, he helped out. On top of him being fat, he was my nerd as well. He loves to draw as well. He draws pictures of me, and places them all over his wall, I know because I went into his room once. He kicked me out quickly, never to let me go in ever again.

"Alright mom. I'm leaving for school." I shouted from the front door of the pack house. Ira was walking me out the door. I stopped before leaving. "Are you going to give me my good-bye kiss?" He face blushed super red. He quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking. Quickly bending down to give me a peck on the lips. He turned away just as fast. I blushed deeply as I ran out the door. I loved moment like this. He rarely gives me kisses, even though they are small pecks, but hey I'll get what I can get. Plus, I don't want to push him to far. I love him innocent.

I walked towards school thinking about Ira, like a love sick puppy. When I heard someone call my name.

"Xaira! Xaira! Wait up!" I knew who it was, so I picked up the pace. Till I felt a hand grab my shoulder. "Damn, girl slow down will you!"

Derek, the Alpha's Son. I hate him. I didn't grow up with him, he just came back last years from boarding school. The Alpha didn't want to deal with him. Rumor has it, that Derek's mom was a pack whore, and got knocked up. Alpha kicked her out of the pack, but took the baby away from her. Then he sent the baby away so she couldn't find him. He came back last year because it turns out that his mother passed away.

"What do you want Derek?" Shrugging off his hand off my shoulder.

"To ask you out on a date." Derek has short, really short black hair, with dark brown eyes. He was build soild, but I prefer softness.

"The answer is no. I have a Mate."

"That fat ass, who's not able to protect you?" I stopped dead in my tracks to face him, I put my best smile on. Hooking him behind the knees, making him fall to his knees and I quickly grabbed his throat, crushing his adam's apple.

"That fat ass belongs to me! Do you understand! Don't you dare insult what is mine!" I was angry! No one but me can call him a fat ass. His chuncky cheeks, flabby stomach. I loosen my grip on Derek's throat as I start to think of Ira. Derek pushed my hand away, and started to cough, gasping for air. I looked down to see Derek holding his throat. "Plus I don't need him to protect me, I can protect myself and him." I went back walking towards school. I can see Urbi.

Urbi is my best friend. Her name means Princess in egypt or it orgins in Egypt. We grew up together. She knows Ira and doesn't mind him much like the other kids when we were growing up.

"Princess!" Urbi turn to see me and rolled her eyes at me. I jogged up to her. She was a head taller then me. She could be a model. She looked behind me to see Derek on the floor.

"I can see Derek asked you out again." As we both entered the school building.

"Can you believe that guy? I have told him so many times that I have a mate."

"I guess, like father like son."

"Sorry?" I didn't know what she ment by that comment.

"Nothing. Anyways, how is Ira doing? I haven't been able to come by and hang. I sorta miss the guy." I growled at her. "Easy, Killer. Not like that! We are friends, just friends. I might be his only friend in the pack. I'm just asking." I narrowed my eyes at her.

"He doing fine." Still glaring at her. "He is Mi-"

"I know! Stop already! Jealous much? I'm only his friend. Unlike you that has another year of high school, I graduate this year. We can hang and wait for you to get out of school." I let out another growl.

"MINE!" I snapped at her, and as we reached her locker. She just rolled her eyes at me and opened her locker. Pulling out a spray bottle, and spraying the bottle of water at me.

"Easy Killer! NO, Bad girl! Bad girl." This happens a lot, and she found a safe method to snap me out of my jealousy. I wiped the water off my face, glaring at her for a different reason now. She just shruggs and grabs her books.

"So how is he?"

"He's fine. I got him in trouble this morning and for that we both have to do a ten mile run." We headed towards my locker now.

"A run date? Cool. Next time let me join." I opened my door, grabbing my books.

"Join what?" Derek was standing over my locker as if it was his. Urbi rolled her eyes.

"I'm going to go. Check you later Xaria?" And left me with Derek. . . UGH! Why can't he just take a hint!

"Nothing." I told him as I slammed my locker door. "Don't you have classes to make up, sinces you flunked twice."

"Hey, that wasn't my fault." Derek said as he was following me to my class. I can see girls give me dirty looks. Who wouldn't want a catch like Derek. ME! That's who.

"No, it was your dumbass brains fault."

"Exactaly! Wait." I rolled my eyes at him and walked into my class. Our future Alpha, ladies and gentleman. I went to sit at the back of the class. Finally! No Derek for the Next 45 mins.

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