Chapter 6

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"She's such a bitch!", "Right" is what I hear when im outside. Walking home alone is one thing but now this? When I look up from my look up from my book I see Natasha and Sam walking towards me. Why didn't they go the other way? As they walk past me I hear "I wish she would just die." And something boils i side me and before I know it im on my feet stomping towards them. "What do you want?" I ask.

"Hahaha!" Is all they say and turn around and continue walking.

"HEY!" I scream. "What did I do to you that made you hate me? When did this all start?"

"Shut the fuck up! Your a hoe and everyone knows it." Sam says. Natasha is nodding her head but doesn't say anything. What a bitch. Sam is a grade above Natasha and I, and she lives three doors down from me.

"I didn't ask you!" I announce still staring at Natasha.

"You know what Nikki, no one likes you. You're a huge slut and don't know when to keep your hands off guys. You know Max? HE DOESNT LIKE YOU! no one likes a bitch who tells." She screams at me and I can feel the tears. I'm trying so hard to fight them back.

"You're a fat old lady!" Nicholas says out of the blue.

"You know what little boy no one asked you, so shut the fuck up!" Natasha says flipping my brother off. She walks away and I'm stuck on the aide walk looking like an idiot. My legs feel like jello and my brothers are playing street hockey going about their business. What just happened?

At school the next day I was waiting out front like usual talking to Melissa when ice starts breaking in the brick behind me. I didn't notice anything unusual until I turned fully around and say Natasha and Sam reaching into a cup and then a piece hit me in the arm and Natasha yelled fuck. Now I knew they were trying to hit me in the head because they would get close. I ignored them and continued talking to Melissa. The rest of the day was my new normal, being called a slut in the halls, eating lunch with the best people in the world, being called a skank walking home. Nothing has changed in 2 months. Ice was continually thrown at my head but it sort of became a game because now I would dodge them; although It's not my favorite game in the world I give them props for being creative!

Melissa and i were talking outside of the school and all of a sudden something hard smacked my head. I look up at Melissa and she, opened mouth and speechless, pointed towards the 8th grade seats where Natasha and Sam were standing laughing, no doubt about what just happened. I pretended I didn't notice and continued talking to Melissa, who thankfully picked up on my vibe and didn't make a big deal out of it. SMACK! Another piece of ice hits the back of my head and slides down my back, what sounds like 100 people burst into tears because they're laughing so hard. Then millions of ice pellets are falling all around me and I feel cold and alone. Suddenly Melissa pulling me through a crowd of "geeks " trying to get to the main office doors. When we get inside a teacher says, "im sorry ladies you may come in yet."

Melissa still strangling my arm with her own tiny hand replies,"we need to see Ms. Morgan."

"Do you have a pass?" The teacher asks staring into Melissa's eyes. We both know she's trying to state her dominance over us,even though she won't look at me, but Melissa's not backing down.

"It's an emergency! We need to see her now!" Melissa says. The teacher looks Melissa up and down and finally says "okay but if I see you again in the halls before breakfast I'll write you up."

As Melissa breaks into a run or "a walk with purpose" pulling me along behind her she yells"Thank you!" And waves.

When we finally reached Ms. Morgan's room we're both out of breath, but thankful her door is open and she's sitting at her desks typing away. I'm beginning to defrost as we step into her office and close the door. "Hey girls!" She says, friendly as usual.

"Ms. Morgan something bad happened outside just a second ago. Some really nasty girls were throwing ice at Nikki." Melissa says, and I want to be mad at her for telling my business, but she's telling Ms. Morgan so I'm okay with it.

"What happened Nikki?" She asks. My cheeks flush, and I'm almost positive it's from all the ice my body is currently made of. As I explain what happened a single tear falls from my eye, and my whole body warms up like I've just landed on the sun.

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