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You know what hurt is?


It’s when someone made you really feel special yesterday..


... and makes you feel you’re just nothing today.



Loving him is the most painful thing I’ve done in my entire life.

I used to regret it.

I used to blame myself for being stupid and let him invade my heart.

He’s the reason behind my mourning.

He’s the reason behind my teardrops.

He broke my heart into a million pieces.

And until now, I can’t fix it. And no one can.

Two years have passed, but I’m still like this.

Broken. Devastated. And in MYSERY.


Why can’t I forget Him?


Why can’t I move on and go on with my life?


Why do I still Love him after what happened?


Why?? Please tell me why!


He’s my first love and my first Boyfriend. We used to be so happy before... but then, I found out something. Something that makes my heart really broken.

He’s just playing around.


He’s just making fun of me.


He loves someone. That someone I used to hate since I was in elementary.

He made a deal with her. HE USED ME TO GET HER.


Until now, I don’t know how to cope up with this sadness. I don’t know how to go on with my life.

Yes. I know this is bullsht but...

I love him so much.


I don’t know how to forget him. No, maybe the more suitable words for this is that I can't forget him. I don't want to forget him.

Pathetic? You can say that. But what can I do? I love him so much. So much that It almost killed me when He did THAT.

You know what’s the most painful?

It’s the LOSS.


And what’s the most challenging to do?





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