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Derek woke up the next day quite early, his arms still wrapped around Stiles, who was still ridiculously cold. His back was now pressed into Derek's chest, face tucked into Derek's arm, looking almost peaceful.

Derek knew something was wrong with him. Not only had he acted weird before he disappeared, but he wasn't able to read. Deaton deduced that the door to his mind had never closed, or perhaps it opened up again. All it took was his sudden, perfectly fine appearance and cold, calculating attitude to convince Scott, Isaac, and Derek, that he was possessed; perhaps by the thing the Oni of Kira's mother was looking for, but they couldn't let the Oni get to him first. Instead, they were going to the clinic and treat him there; hopefully they could get the spirit out before they had to kill him.

It was also shocking that "Stiles" had even accepted Derek's warm embrace the night before. He was glad though, as it was almost impossible for the spirit to slip out of his arms when they were so close together; it was all part of the plan, but it made Derek frown at the thought that this was only for the plan. Derek knew there was something between the two of them, something that could hopefully happen after they defeated the evil pretending to be the human, but until then, they just had to keep him safe. If the thing inside Stiles had accepted Derek's advancement, that meant it believed that this would be something Stiles would do, so would Stiles sleep inches apart from Derek?

"Derek?" He heard Stiles murmur sleepily, feeling him shift in his arms. It was almost alarmingly scary how good the Nogitsune was able to mime the actions of Stiles so perfectly. If he hadn't acted so strange before he had disappeared, they would've had no idea and it would've caused chaos.

"Any nightmares?" Derek asked, loosening his grip in case he wanted to get up. He knew there was probably no way Stiles could see him right now, but he didn't want to hurt the boy, in case it hurt Stiles.

"No." The Nogitsune shifted onto its back, Derek's arm still stuck under the boy's cold back, as it still didn't warm up after a whole night of close contact. "When are we going to see Deaton?"

"I think in about a half hour." Derek said. "The rest of the pack is going to meet us there so we can fill you in on everything that's happened."

"What's happened since I crashed?" Stiles asked, sitting up, fixing the shirt he wore, which was skewed to his right shoulder, still too big for his thin frame.

"Not much, the police haven't gotten more information on the murders." Derek said, sitting up himself. He went to the dresser, pulling out a t-shirt, slipping it on before turning to Stiles, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at his hands.

"Do you want a jacket?" Derek asked. "You were still cold last night, and it's kind of windy outside."

"I'm fine." He shrugged, standing up. "I'll put my shoes on and we can get going." Derek nodded, putting his own boots on, listening carefully to all the sounds that Stiles was making. He was surprised the Nogitsune hadn't tried to run off yet, or worse, kill him.

They remained in a comfortable silence, Derek following Stiles down the spiral staircase. If they hadn't figured out something was wrong with Stiles before this, he would definitely sense something is wrong with all the silence.

They got in Derek's car, due to Stiles' car still being in the shop, taking the short drive to the animal clinic, Derek gripping the wheel tightly, unsure of what was going to happen inside. He had no idea what they planned the night before, as his phone was off in order to keep the Nogitsune from suspecting anything.

"Are you okay?" Stiles asked. Derek nodded roughly as Stiles leaned his elbow again the center console, resting his chin on his fist. "You look worried."

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