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Joss and Braden

Edinburgh, Fire


Head hot and itchy under the short black wig I was wearing, I wasn’t feeling all that sexy, despite the short Snow White costume I was also wearing. Hand gripping a fake apple, I teetered around a slutty vampire that almost knocked me off my black platform Mary Jane’s.

Music throbbed and pulsed all around me and I could no longer see my feet in the ‘fog’ created on the ground by the smoke machines Braden had hired for Halloween at his nightclub Fire.

“Snow White!” a bumbling Frankenstein bumped into me, leering at me. “Fancy a shag?”

“I’m not really into experiments,” I answered. He stared at me blankly as I cracked up at my own joke. Sighing, I walked around him. “Waste of a good one liner,” I muttered.

My eyes scanned the room, looking for my fiancé. He didn’t know I was coming tonight and under my short Snow White costume was sexy white lingerie to match the white silk thigh highs I was wearing. My hope was to distract him for a little while in his office, on his nice and big desk. I shivered in anticipation remembering the last time I’d distracted him on his nice and big desk.

In the wig, slightly powdered face, thick black eyelashes and bright red lipstick, Braden’s doormen hadn’t recognized me. I wondered how Braden would fare?

Slipping past Barbie and Hercules as they almost went at it on the dance floor, I edged nearer to the bar. Braden wasn’t much for costumes so he’d chosen to wear a tuxedo. He’d told me that if anyone asked him who he was, he was going with ‘James Bond’.

Where is James Bond? I frowned, slowly turning on my heels. “Oh.” I stumbled back to stop from colliding with Braden who’d suddenly appeared behind me as if out of thin air.

He looked hot in his black tuxedo.


“Snow White?” his lips twitched with laughter. “Really?”

My hands flew to my hips. “You recognized me?”

Braden laughed. “Babe.”

“I could be Snow White,” I insisted, holding up the apple. “I make a very good Snow White. I was stupid enough to bite into the apple that is you.”

 “I’m not the one doing the tempting tonight.” His eyes drifted over my body, growing darker with intensity at the sight of my white silk stockings. “You make a sexy as fuck Snow White.”

“You should see what’s underneath this.”

He reached out, his large, warm hand smoothing around my waist to pull me close. “I’m supposed to be working. I have an important deejay setting up for tonight.”

I touched his bow tie, pressing my lower body deeper into his. “You’re the owner. Technically, you don’t need to be here at all. I’m just suggesting you take a break for a little while.”

“A break?” he murmured, his hand coasting down over my ass.

Cocking my head to the side I grinned up into his face. “On that nice and big office desk of yours, perhaps?”

Braden’s hand tensed on my ass. After a mere second of contemplation he pulled a plastic card out of his pocket and handed it to me. “The key to my office. I’ll meet you there in five.”

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