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Uncovering Xander



Mary stood at the cash register waiting for the cashier to put her items through the till. As she stood she observed her surroundings and saw a little, two, maybe three-year-old girl running down the length of the aisle. The little girl wore a red-and-white polka-dot dress with white leggings, she glanced over her shoulder several times. At this point Mary noticed the boy of around eleven or twelve chasing after her with an impatient but mostly indulging expression on his face. A slow smile spread across Mary's well-worn face and the smile wrinkles near her eyes creased.

The cashier turned her head to see what had captured her customer's attention, when she saw, she laughed. "Oh, that's Tara McCallum and her older brother Daniel. Their parents finally had a baby girl. Three older boys and finally a baby girl. As you can imagine they are stoked."

"Isn't she a darling? Gosh, she already has that boy wrapped around her little finger," Mary exclaimed, delighted to see the brother, sister duo frolicking.

"Oh yes. They love her so, those three boys are very protective of her, especially Daniel," the cashier continued.

"I can imagine her prospective boyfriends are going to have a hard time," Mary laughed good-naturedly.

"Oh, yes. Yes, indeed."


OK, so at the moment that probably doesn't make much sense but I that was an actual conversation I overheard between two people, I was standing behind 'Mary'. The names are obviously my own, but it was what inspired this story, this little scene will make more sense as the story goes on, but please bear with me.

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