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Pen Your Pride

Last Day of School

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Destiny's POV

The sun wakes me from a horrible dream. I had no family and I was bullied. Wait, DANG IT that is my life. I get out of bed and put on a gray shirt and some paint splattered jeans. I throw my hair into a quick bun.

My friend Sam walks with me to school. She is the only family I have.
"Whats up Des" Sam says.
"Nothin" I say back.
"So Des...... ya wanna come over and have dinner with my family" I nod and enter the school." "Ks so I'll pick you up at 6:30"
"Yep" I reply. I head of to my locker and feel myself being knocked down to the floor.
"What are you doing here" says Cam.
"Sluts like you shouldn't be here" says Carter. I start bawling right there on the floor.
"Ugly!" Matt says.
"Really Matt that's the best you could do" says Shawn. I run away.

The bell rings and the day ends.
Finally school is out for summer! I walk home by myself. When I get home I start reading my favorite book
"If I Stay". I hear a knock at the front door. I get up and see Sam waiting for me. We walk to her house.
"Sooooo guess what!" Sam says. "What!"I reply.
"I got you a ticket to Magcon!" "What's Magcon" I say.
"Idk." Sam says.

We get to Sam's house and we have meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I thank her parents and Sam walks me home.
"So tomorrow I will have my dad's car and I will take you for a makeover and some NEW/BETTER clothes." Sam says. " Sam, you know I don't have any money." I say.
"But you forgot that my father own the Sunrise Mall. "
"Oh, thank you Sam!!!!" I say and run up to my room very sleepy.

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