Chapter 14

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Hazel woke with a startled gasp as she heard incessant knocking on the front door, obviously someone is not going to stop until she opened.

Jared was called in to work, and despite his protests, Hazel had managed to convince him of the importance of his job, which is why she found herself home alone, clearly having fallen asleep after drinking her pain meds.

She got up, trying to ignore the stabbing pain in her abdomen, as she sluggishly made her way to her front door, Shaun being the last person she expected to see.

"Where have you been?" She demanded but he did not reply, instead he welcomed himself into her home.

She watched as he anxiously paced in her living room, a muscle twitched involuntarily at the corner of his left eye, his mouth forming a harsh scowl. Cold sweat glistened on his furrowed brow, as he infuriatingly fiddled with knuckles.

She did not know what to say or do, growing increasingly concerned at his unusual and erratic behavior, wondering what could set him off into a frenzy of distress.

"Shaun, what's going on?" She asked feeling tense from his anxious pacing.

"Have none of you wondered what the hell happened that day?" He questioned enraged, making Hazel flinch at his jarring tone.

"Of course, we have, but it's difficult to understand something we don't really comprehend." She stated taking a cautious step closer with her hands firmly planted to her sides.

She was wary of his body language, standing there like a volcano ready to combust at any moment. She watched as his hands erratically shook, his shoulders tense as well as a large vein prominent on his neck.

She leaned against the wall in need of support, the stabbing pain in her stomach becoming unbearable. She felt like her stomach was tightening from inside her, the excruciating pain making it difficult for her to breathe.

Shaun never noticed the girl gasping for air until she collapsed onto the ground with a loud thud.

"Hazel!" He exclaimed his eyes widening in terror before he ran to the fallen girl, his heart pounded as he felt for a pulse only slowing down slightly when he saw the rise and fall of her chest.

He hurriedly searched his pockets for his phone, trying to dial 911 but his clammy hands made it difficult for him to press on the screen. After a few more attempts he managed to dial, not taking his eyes from Hazel's unconscious form the entire wait.


Penelope Baker sat in her prison cell with a dazed look on her face. Surrounded by four white walls, she had nothing else to do but stare into them as she felt herself slowly losing her mind at being trapped.

She hated being held in the hollow piece of concrete, with no windows, and she felt herself having enough spare time to dwell on her hatred.

She sat on her extremely uncomfortable bunk bed as the lights on the ceiling flickered maddeningly, the sound of idle chatter coming from outside her cell was beginning to drive her mad.

She heard footsteps steadily approaching until one of the female wardens stood outside her cell.

"You have a visitor." The warden's belligerent attitude infuriating her even more, but she pushed it aside as she was escorted to the visiting rooms.

The visiting room is uncomfortably large, with long benches scattered messily all over, decoration obviously not being a top priority.

The only other person in the room is an unfamiliar looking boy, casually leaning against the bench table in the corner, glancing at her with an intense gaze.

"Do I know you?" Her tone bitter as she sat down across from him, the steel handcuffs on her wrists feeling like an anchor trying to sink her to the bottom.

He glanced around the room biting the edge of a smile like a funny thought ran through his mind, leaning forward like he was about to whisper a secret.

"You don't know me personally." He replied comically. "But I am the one that's going to get you out of here."


Delilah entered her home with bowed shoulders and shuffling steps that scuff the floor. She rolled her neck from side to side to loosen any kinks after a brutal twelve-hour shift. She checked up on her mother in her hospital room before going home and getting some rest before her next brutal shift.

She spotted a police vehicle on the other side of the street as she parked in her driveway offering them a tiny wave, grateful that they kept to their word and scoped her home in case someone tried to sneak back in, and she can only think of one person that would attempt that again.

The silence loitered in the air, thick and heavy like a winter's blanket. The unusual stillness causing her stomach to turn, not accustomed to her home being in this fashion.

She walked into Charlie's room, as she always does as soon as she arrives home, monitoring all his machines as well as his heart rate before venturing into the kitchen in search of a quick dinner, not having enough energy to make something on her own.

Her search for sustenance was cut short by intolerant knocking on her door and she hurriedly made her way to open it, sensing the distress.

Kyle Walker stood before her with a tablet firmly clutched in his hand. The look of distress causing an unsettling feeling to wash over her.

"I have something you need to see." He replied apprehensively as he sauntered into her room, hurriedly tapping the tablet screen.

He turned to her.

"There is a girl, Penelope Baker, who lived a few tons over, but she was arrested for murdering her parents." His tone grim. "She managed to escape this morning, no one has any idea how or why."

Delilah racked her mind of why this would have any relevance to her, but she decided to let him speak.

"About an hour ago, my partner sent me this video from the interrogation room, showing Penelope talking to someone before she mysteriously escaped."

He handed her the tablet and she grasped it with shaky hands as she pressed play, watching as Penelope interacted with the person. She could not distinctly hear what is being exchanged between the two, but her attention was firmly set on Penelope's visitor.

The familiar ash blonde hair on the figure causing her stomach to twist into knots, his prominent features making her lose her grip on the tablet, but Kyle managed to grasp it in his hold before it shattered to the ground.

The video seemed to keep replaying in her mind, but the most distinct part of the video was Penelope's visitor glancing up at the camera like he knew she would be watching, the sinister smile on his face making her insides crawl.

Charlie's lookalike has gotten to her once again. 

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