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"I, Amelia Catherine, with the powers I have command you to stop this war." I knew that Athena will go ballistic but there is nothing else I can do cause it is either death or a peaceful life and no matter what I will always choose the later one cause why not?

The war no longer happening. No new blood was being added to the soil. Every warrior was now facing me. Well I have no idea what they expect from me.

"Athena has ordered us to make you our slave and present you in front of her." Well I didn't expect this to happen this soon. That lady is the most cruel person I have seen. But never faced it cause I was her Brother's Girlfriend but none of that mattered now .

"Coming my friends" enjoy while you can. I made my way through the heads up and body straight because what I did was right and if Athena this that I am wrong well she thinks wrong and I can't do anything about it. Even though I am the dumbest person on the face of earth I know that this war would have uplifted everyone's faith from humanity and I won't let that happen. 

I had no respect for Athena because that pig approved this war even after she knew it's consequences. She thought that no one would dare speak against her but that pig was so wrong. 

Oh there I see her and  her no use of brain is thinking the best way to punish.

Here goes nothing.

"I am gonna give the worst punishment ever existed." Athena not knowing that I was in front of her. "But you do know that she did nothing wrong then why?" my sweet boyfriend Daniel. " She went against me and which is enough for her to be punished" "You are being ridiculous Athena." I think my boyfriend should now stop. So let's make them realize presence of this beauty.

" Hello guys" I say making my way to my boyfriend. Going in to kiss those lips. " Amelia Catherine, I would like you to behave" That freaking pig . Ugh 

" Athena darling Why do you look so calm that even the storms will start envying you" oops no one laughed. Has anyone ever seen a red pig? Well I have. You know what I mean.

" Amelia stop this nuisance" that pig things I am the one who created nuisance. "How can someone be so wrong Athena? Everyone here know who has created nuisance." Looks like my parents never taught me limits.

" By the way Athena stop valuing your pride more than human lives."  straight to the point.

"So  you do know why I have called you here?" pig says. 

"Everyone in this country knows Athena." Can someone be anymore dumber?

"And you know that I hate people who go against my orders?"Athena asks. She thinks I will get scared. To hell with that.

"Yes, I do. You wanna kill me do it I don't care." I proudly agree.

"You think I will leave you with a easy punishment? Nope" Athene says annoyed.

"Athena can we please wait? and think about this because you know Amelia is a very experienced and she had good intentions of stopping the war." Oh man! This love is crazy I will tell because here my boyfriend is trying to save me even though he knows that if he continues this pig will punish him for speaking against her. My boyfriend, Daniel, can be so dumb.

"Daniel you defending your enemy? Athena looks like he wants to be punished to." Oh man her slave or husband Ian says. He was a good man but Athena turns everything bad just by her touch.

"Athena I will face whatever punishment you give and won't retaliate if you keep Daniel out of this. This is my last wish." Let's hope pig doesn't punish Daniel." and Daniel don't even think about going against. I love you and hope to meet you in the future and you have to stay alive for doing things I couldn't do."

"I, Athena, curse you to be the most hated girl and no one will ever remember you in every birth of your. If you accept this I forgive Daniel." that pig. She knows that being remembered  is one of the most important thing for me. I nod because I can't risk Daniel life's for anything." Take away this  rogue away." Soldiers make way towards me. "I can go on my own. Follow me." What?I did nothing wrong.

"Athena, there is  a good news. The opposition has surrendered seeing that war was stopped and their army were saved" I love this person. But I don't know him nor can I see him as I am making my way to the prison.

"Shit, what?" do I sense pig regretting? "There is no way I can prevent the curse from happening. Daniel as you are the closest to Amelia I will tell you how you can stop this." Shit I can't here her now nor can I go back because I don't know where I am going. "Watson, Can you take me back?" I request to one of the soldiers.

"And go against Athena's order and sign my death petition. No thank you." man can't he hear anything? "Watson can't you hear that Athena is regretting her descision. They ignored me. So looks like this was not a good day for me. "I so wanna kill these soldiers." I mumbled to myself but look at the irony they killing me here.


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