"if you're serious about saving him" doc began looking at her above his sunglasses "then you're not going alone" The killjoys held their breath, awaiting inevitable anger "I know" she stated and Kobra stared at her "What? I thought you'd think the doc didn't trust you" he asked and Circuit looked at him sternly "it's not about being alone now. It's about getting her and her father safe, and for that I need to stay alive" she noticed the doc smile proudly. "Who's going with me?" she asked turning to the boys "I want to look after Unique" Ghoul spoke up and Circuit tried to look understanding. "someone will need to keep you on track" jet said looking at the monitoring system in the corner.

"guess that just leaves us" Party said, looking at Circuit and then his brother. "What about Shy?" Kobra asked "she's coming too. They'll be looking for her and this is the first place they'll come." Circuit said defiantly and the others nodded in approval. "Good luck boys" Unique called; kissing Party and Kobra passionately on the mouth while Circuit and Ghoul squirmed uneasily. "t-thanks, Unique" Kobra stuttered, blushing slightly. Party just nodded slightly.

Setting off in the van with Shy was silent, as rides in the van had often become. They were all thinking about how it was going to play out, after all; No one knew specifically what was going to happen.

"Van, check security numbers and systems. See if we can figure out a way to get in and out un-noticed" Circuit said suddenly; causing Kobra to jump slightly. Shy sat in what had became her usual corner in the van fiddling with the rubex cube, and Party was staring mindlessly out of the window "50 guards, 14 security camra's in the hall and 5 in the vents. As well as 20 guards in Lumic's room" the van said pressing "holy shit." Party laughed in shock, gaping at the radio "70 guards, they're really stepping it up" He whispered and she nodded "they know we'll come back for the dad, that's why." she stated and he nodded.

"Should we ride in the van?" Kobra asked suddenly, causing everyone to stare at him. "I mean if they know we're coming, won't the van be the first thing they'll look for?" he asked and Circuit looked at them all "it's safer in the van" she argued and Party shook his head "for now, but within a few miles this will be their main target." he said and Circuit felt herself be torn. The van was her first real friend; to send it back to the shack hurt her. However she knew what she had to do.

So after a minute or so they all climbed out the van. Circuit looked at the bonnet sadly "you have to go back to the shack. Explain to doc they'd be looking for you so you can't go any further." Part of her wanted to cry, and the other laugh for being so attached to a peace of metal. "Yes, Circuit" the van responded; driving off at warp speed.

Party put his arm around her "you okay?" he asked and she shrugged him off "whatever. It's a van." she said irritably. Quite unexpectedly Circuit felt a small hand slide into her own. Looking down she saw Shy clinging onto her, glaring strait ahead. You know where we're going, don't you?" Circuit asked and Shy nodded so fast Circuit was scared the girl would get whip-lash "you don't need to be scared, Shy" Kobra said comfortingly taking her other hand. Shy looked up at him questioningly "I mean, no matter what we'll protect you" he said and she pulled away. "what did I say?" he asked Circuit and she shrugged "I have no idea" she said looking down at the little girl who now walked on her own. "weird"

After an hour or so of walking it began to get dark " we should sleep"

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