At The Train Station (Short Story)

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"I'm late, I'm late, and I'm late. Excuse me. Please. Ex-I'm late.", I murmured while running for my life. Fudge. Kidding aside, I'm really late. I'd have to catch up with the skip train or else.

I ran as fast as I could to get into the station as fast as I can.

"Lord, please. I don't want to be late. Today's my preliminary exam.", I prayed as I run. When I got into the station's platform, it was empty. Not a single passenger waiting.

"You are so lucky.", I told myself. I just missed the train. I'd have to wait for more than 30 minutes to get to school. I heaved a deep sigh, sat on the ground with my back on the wall and closed my eyes. Today's my lucky day isn't it? Sigh.

I felt like someone's watching me. I opened my eyes and saw a guy on the other side of the platform. He's going North, I'm to the South. He looked like he just got unfortunate today. He quickly opened his bag and started looking for something. I got curious. What is it with me that made him hurry?

Then he showed a big red notebook and a permanent pen. He showed it to me as if to tell me, "I'll write something", then smiled. The cover was a heart figure with a letter C on it. Too girly for a guy like him, eh.

"Late for the train?", he asked me through the notebook. He didn't seem like a bad guy so so I quickly searched for a notebook and a marker. I wrote the date. 9/14/20**

"Yeah. You too?", I asked then stood up to see his answers clearer. I sat on the platform nearer to the tracks. He stood up too and sat closer to the platform, too.

"Yeah. It's my Prelims today. :("

"Me too! :("

"Such coincidence. :D"

"Haha. Where are you off to?",

"To North, to school. You?",

"To school, too.",

"We'll be waiting for 26 minutes more.",

"Yeah. And we're definitely late."

"Haha. Agree. I'm Tyrone by the way.", he said while smiling. That's when I noticed we were smiling and enjoying our way of conversation.

"Hi, Tyrone. :D I'm Clara."

"The name fits the owner. Haha."

"Haha. Yours too.", I said then quickly turned the page to ask another one. "May I ask you something?",

"What is it?",

"Why is the cover of that notebook colored red with a heart on it?",

"Because this is for the girl I love.",

"Oh. Does she know it?",

"Nope. She didn't know I exist until now.",

"Oh.. That's sad."

"Nah, it's okay. I've talked to her already and that's fine with me.",