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Title: 𝗢𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗜𝘁

𝗦𝘁𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮'𝘀 𝗣𝗢𝗩
I woke up in my bed. My notifications are going off. I keep on getting dms about me and Calvin. I also get ones of me and Ryland. I climb out of bed and I change.
(All outfits are kinda based off of movie or show characters)

(All outfits are kinda based off of movie or show characters)

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I walked out of the room and got something to eat. I could smell waffles. I walked into the kitchen and I see Patrick. He's making waffles and eggs. I walk in and I pour myself a cup of chocolate milk. I get back to my room before Patrick could talk to me. I haven't left the room at all since Friday. I sit on my bed and I put my cup on my side table. I get on my phone and I scroll through tiktok. I see a bunch of rumors about me and the boys. I took my eyes. I make POV tiktok.

POV: You are having false rumors spread about you and some friends so you leave and never come back.

It looks like I'm scrolling through social media. I see comments and posts that I edited into the screen. I grabbed my back and threw clothes inside of it. I ran down the steps and out the door. Before I opened the door and left I turned around a looked at the house.

I look at the comments are pretty good.

gayuser420: I'm sorry about the rumors. I hope you get better! ❤️❤️
user42069: I still believe that you are dating. Sorry not sorry.
patrickhuston: user42069 wtf. Leave her alone.
hater666: cancelled ❌❌❌

Wait. I'm cancelled. Hm. I see another comment that says justice for Calvin. Oh lord. I set my phone and lights up and I go live.

"Hey people! So about the rumor. It's not true. Me and Calvin are only friends and so are me and Ryland. We are only friends. Boom. Friends. No more. Can you please stop saying stuff about me, Calvin, and Ryland?"

The comments say cancelled and justice for Calvin. One said why were you cuddling.

"So about Alex's video. Someone threw me into the pool and I swallowed some water. Calvin helped me out. I couldn't walk to he helped me around the house. He helped me cough up water into a trash can. He even helped my up the stairs. I felt safe in his arms. Like and older brother."

They don't care. They are still staying cancelled and justice for Calvin. That's it. I'm done.

"Calvin! Ryland! Hey your butts in here now!" They some running in. They sit next to me.

"Tell them about Friday. They won't listen to me." I say.

"Look. Me and Stella are just friends. We aren't dating. She's like my little sister." Calvin says. I look over at Ryland.

"Friends can dance together. Have you seen the dance moms episode where Maddy kisses the boy but she isn't dating him. That's what basically happened. We just danced the way we would to the dance. That's all. It's just a dance. A stupid 15 second dance. We aren't dating. We are just friends." Ryland saying a whole speech. The comments are saying sorry and stuff. Wow. They switched up fast.

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