House of Shirley

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Castiel looked around the parking lot, looking for a glimpse of a familiar vehicle. Anna was staying after school for practice, so she couldn't drive him home. Michael was too busy with work and college to ever drive him anywhere. So that left him with only one sibling that could drive him. 

It wasn't that he didn't love his brother. No, it was more that he knew his brother and he didn't have a death wish.

Even since he got his job and saved up money to buy his own vehicle, no one could even think about telling him how to drive. Not even God, their father, please don't ask, it's an inside joke.

Then he saw it. The ugliest truck Castiel had seen in his entire life. But by some kind of sorcery, Luci loved it.

Speaking of the devil, he pulled up and smirked at his younger brother. "Hello smallest brother, are you in need of a ride?"

Castiel barely stopped himself from rolling his eyes. He was the youngest out of everyone in his family, and they never let it go. "Yes," he didn't wait for a response as he quickly got into the monstrosity.

Next to Lucifer in the front seat sat Castiel's favorite brother, Baltazar. The two were taken into the family at the same time, causing them to grow closer as they found their place in the family.

Baltazar was a year older than Cas, and one younger than Luci. So it was not much of a surprise that he hung out with the two.

"Anything interesting today?" He gave in to the urges as he rolled his eyes. Baltazar was always one to love drama and gossip. Once or twice going so far as to create his own for fun.

"Other than that there are two new students, no," Castiel said as he struggled to buckle his seat belt. It never wanted to go in, but Castiel was stubborn and did not have a death wish.

"Sam and Dean Winchester," Baltazar said, "They've been here a day and there's already more gossip around them than meg and ruby when they first came out,"

"Like what?" Castiel couldn't stop himself from asking. The two brothers seemed normal, what could start gossip so early.

Smirking, like the cat who ate the canary, Baltazar let his two brothers in on the gossip, "They're Singer's kids,"

"Come on, you can't believe that," Lucifer said as he rolled his eyes, pulling out of the school parking lot at the same time. "Bobby Singer?"

"Yep, neighbors saw them pull up over the weekend. Bags and such, and then they left from the junkyard straight to school,"

"They could just be staying with him,"

"Sure, and I'm an angel of heaven,"

The conversation soon turned to whatever Lucifer had done. Which was always a fun topic as every day he seemed to do something worthy of conversation.

Today was no different as he got into another fight. This time it was over the rumors about him again. Big surprise there.

The conversation was mostly between Lucifer and Baltazar, and Castiel just listened. He hated how hard life was for his older brother. But there was nothing he could do.

Sam Winchester was absolutely bored. His brother had gotten detention already in the third week of school, so Sam was stuck waiting for his brother so they could go back to Bobby's.

He was waiting in the gym, and there were more people there than he thought there would be. His phone was long since dead. Rest in peace cheap burner phone, revival was only hours away.

So he sat, bored out of his mind, so bored he would do almost anything at this point. So when a rowdy group of boys was trying to get others to join their race, Sam saw no reason to deny.

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