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reading minghao's texts caused steam to blow out of mingyu's ears from pure anger, in disbelief from what could be the truth about minjae's return.

when he read the texts the first time, he couldn't even believe what minghao told him. because why minjae come back just for wonwoo? from what mingyu was told about minjae, it was obvious that the latter was only using wonwoo for his own benefits. so why would he need to return to korea?

unless he had another reason to come back.

but what could minjae possibly want from wonwoo, so badly, that he flew across the globe just to get it?

all these questions started to cloud mingyu's mind, all left without answers he may not know until sooner or later. different possibilities and scenarios that could answer his questions filtered the blanks, all those possibilities resulting into wonwoo ending up hurt.

he could only hope, that what minjae was planning, wasn't as bad as he think it will be.

the next morning, wonwoo was feeling better than ever- the heavy burden that was resting on his shoulder from before was now lifted. he felt lighter and happier. there was a still a small amount of anxiety buried deep within him, still anxious about seeing his friends again after being a coward and ignoring them due to a small disagreement, but it was going to be okay.

it was going to be okay.

he walked through the school's gates, greeting any of his juniors as they walked past. but when he first set foot on campus, strangely, there was an intense aura lingering in the air, so thick you could cut it with a knife. even as he smiled at other students, when he walked away, he could hear their mutterings and feel their sad glances; their mutterings something along the lines of "i feel so sorry for him", and "it must suck to be in his position right now", all of which he was clueless as to why they were saying such things in the first place.

he reached his home room in a few minutes, visiting the council office before hand to attend to his duties, and once he saw junhui and soonyoung chattering near the back of the classroom in their seats. a small smile appeared on his lips and walked over to them.

junhui saw wonwoo approaching and stopped the topic he was talking about, meeting wonwoo halfway and saying as he engulfed the other in a tight hug, "wonwoo! i'm so glad you're okay! i'm so sorry!"

wonwoo wrapped his arms around junhui, returning the tightness of the hug. "of course i'm okay." wonwoo pulled back to look and ask, "why wouldn't i be okay?"

"have you not heard? fuck- did you not read our messages? min-"

"wonwoo! im so, so, so, so fucking sorry for saying those things to you. i was just so worried and i didn't want anything bad to happen to you." soonyoung cried out, his arms wrapping around wonwoo unexpectedly behind, surprising wonwoo as he was about to hear what junhui was going to say.

"soonyoung!" wonwoo said as he turned around to face soonyoung. "i'm so sorry too, to both of you. i shouldn't have acted out like that, i was being immature and blinded by my potential feelings for mingyu, i shouldn't have let that get in the way of our friendship. i'm so sorry."

"it's okay! we shouldn't have forced the idea that mingyu is bad onto you when he makes you happy." junhui said, soonyoung agreeing with his statement. "so are we okay?"

wonwoo nodded, a smile shining on his face as they were all engulfed into a warm, comforting group hug, all of them glad to have cleared up their misunderstandings. wonwoo asked, as they pulled away, "so junhui, what did you want to tell me?"

"oh! that! minjae is-"

"wonwoo! hi! long time no see."

the smile wonwoo once had disappeared in an instance, the familiar voice ringing in his ears as his heart sunk and scared, confused thoughts started to filter his head. he didn't even hear junhui become annoyed from being interrupted again, all his surrounding sounds becoming muffled as he stood in place.

he felt like fainting, hurling over and throwing up over the floor.

he knew had already gotten over him, but the sound of his voice made a wave of emotions wash over him, the memories of the heartbreak he had to go through when he was so naïve, so innocent and so immature, it was all too much for him to handle.

he wanted to run, hide, cower in fear. he wanted to run to mingyu for protection and wanted mingyu to comfort him.

but, no. not this time. he wasn't going to be a coward. he wasn't going to run away from his broken feelings. for whatever the reason minjae was back, and why he was even talking to wonwoo first thing in the morning. but for whatever reason, he was going to pull through this. he will keep the matter strictly professional with no strings attached. he didn't want to get himself involved with minjae again.

he mustered up all the confidence he had in him, he put on a smile on his face, rather reluctantly, and turned to face minjae's tall figure which now stood behind him. "hi, minjae."

minjae looked slightly different from two years ago, his hair was slightly longer, small tattooed writings on his arms, and a few inches taller from before. just seeing him now, a part of wonwoo wanted to forgive him for everything he had done, as he had gotten over the heartbreak ages ago. but he knew that forgiving him might do more harm than good.

"it's been a while, hasn't it?" minjae said with a warm hearted chuckle, a smile on his face that would make any girl swoon. junhui and soonyoung didn't intrude on their conversation, stepping away from the two to their seats, but close enough so they could at least hear some words, in case minjae did have ill intentions.

wonwoo smiled, genuinely. "yeah it has. how was new york?"

"it was great! the food, the sights, the people, everything was great! i made a ton of new friends and met lot's of people!" minjae kept going on and on about what life in new york was like, all about him, and it was no surprise to wonwoo. minjae had always acted like everything was about him, and him only, he seemed very self absorbed even in their relationship.

"but that's enough about me." minjae said. he looked down into wonwoo's eyes, a stare so soft yet so intense, it pierced through wonwoo.

"we should catch up! let's talk about you."

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