A short while later in Caspian's study, Caspian sat at his table studying the swords of the lost Lords while Edmund and Dawn lounged out on the small balcony. Edmund face Caspian while Dawn kept a look out for any more signs like the one from the mermaid, but saw nothing.

"We can not even be sure that the other Lords even made it to Ramando's Island," spoke Caspian in defeat, surpirsing Edmund and Dawn. They had never heard him speaking in an way that had them believe he was giving up before.

Dawn and Edmund enter the study and while Ed shut he balcony doors, Dawn approached Caspian. He didn't look up at her just continued to stare at the swords.

She gripped his face firmly in her hands and forced him to look at her, "we need to have hope. Even if that is all we have, it's gotten us through worse things in the past." She placed a soft peck on his lips before heading out onto deck as the ship began to slow, meaning Eustace had let go, meaning they had arrived.

Caspian had darted up onto his feet and followed her out, grabbing a sword and Edmund collecting the other two.

Once again they boarded the long boats and head for the lush island that lay before them where they would hopefully find the answer to their problems at last.

As they landed on the edge of the island, they docked in a small cove which held a small thin passage way that led upwards. The island went up far above them and it was quickly realised that there was a long trek ahead of them.

As they drew in deeper into the island's landscape it became darker, more enclosed. They crossed an old stone bridge which had moss covered and cracked griffins on the sides. Below was a thin waterfall that cascaded down far below. Edmund led the way, lighting up their path with his torch. They came upon a giant tree that had grown so large and far it made an arch and even more vines swormed the top of it.

Just inside they could see a long table, laiden with what appeared to be food.

Edmund entered the area where the table sat. Followed shortly by everyone else. He shone his light over the laviously laid out table as they all stared at it suspiciously. It was covered in much extravagent food, golden plates and goblets lined the sides, large platters filled the middle.

The crew approached it eagerly, all too hungry to think straight or question the food's prescence but Drinian called them back.

They then turned their attention to the other end of the table, furthest from them. What appeared to be three figures frozen and completely wrapped in some type of vine or thorn bush. Caspian realised what they were first and quickly stepped infront of Dawn shielding her as he released his blade and held it out. Lucy gave a gasp of horror before also unsheathing the Lord's sword Edmund had given her. Edmund followed suit and Dawn already had her staff stretched forward cautiously.

Against Caspian's wishes, Dawn approached the elderly men first. Though the two Kings that remained close to her seemed to ease up when they noticed there was no reactions come from any of the three men.

"Caspian," called Dawn pointing to the hand of the middle man which she had seen first. Caspian stretched out his sword and saw what she was pointing at, "Lord Revilian." He looked to the next Lord, the on his left, "Lord Mavramorn."

Lucy reached out with her hand and brushed back some of the hair that blocked the face of the third Lord, "Lord Argoz," confirmed Caspian.

She then gave a frightened gasp and jumped back. Caspian leaned in, "he's breathing."

"He appears to be under a spell, as though in sleep, no sense of time passing. Yet I feel no darkness from this magic, yet that does not mean it means no harm. Not all harmful magic is dark," explained Dawn as she studied them all closely, feeling the powerful magic that was flowing around the three elderly men, their stragily grey hair seeming to have grown at fast pace while in sleep. They appeared to be unharmed. There also seemed to be a connection to the Deep Magic flowing around this whole clearing which frustrated her a little, why was this place so important to be so well connected to the Deep Magic, similar to that of the Stone Table.

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