Chapter Twenty Four-"Vivienne"

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~Dedicated to first meetings and shocking truths~

Chapter Twenty-Four

Have you ever had one of those days where you couldn’t help but feel nervous no matter what? It was like you could feel your heart pounding like the galloping hooves of race horses and your breathing resembled a fish struggling for air out of the water and however much you tried to stay calm, you just couldn’t? I was having that day and it was because in a few hours I was to meet my father, the man who was non-existent for my entire life until now. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

“Don’t you want to eat?” my mother asked as I paced around the kitchen.

I shook my head, “I’m not hungry.”

My mother sent me a reassuring smile, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

I scanned her warm face and loving blue eyes before exhaling, “No, it wouldn’t be right. He gave me money for the trip and after all, he is my father.”

My mother nodded, before she sipped at her glass of orange juice, “You’re right about that.”

I sighed, biting my lower lip and asked, “But I thought he wanted to meet me on my birthday?”

A strange look passed through my mother’s eyes before she covered it with a smile, “Maybe he couldn’t wait?”

My eyes narrowed at her before I spoke, “Mum, what aren’t you telling me?”

A hooter sounded outside and my mother jumped, hurrying to open the front door as she threw over her shoulder, “Oh look that must be Jeff here to drop off Holly.”

I crossed my arms over my chest before I stomped after my mother, muttering, “You’re not changing the subject that easily.”

The front door swung open and in skipped Holly who looked more adorable than the last time I had seen her. Her dark hair had been left open, curling at the ends and she wore a bright pink dress which came to her knees. Her green eyes lit up when they landed on me and momentarily I forgot all about stressing about meeting my father and pulled her into a huge hug. She giggled slightly, wrapping her tiny arms around my neck in return before she turned to wave at Jeff.

“Bye daddy,” she called.

Jeff stuck his head out of the car window before waving back and replying, “See you later honey.”

While I left my mother to say her goodbyes to Jeff, I made my way back towards the kitchen where Holly followed me while twirling a strand of her hair playfully. She turned and smiled shyly up at me before I pulled her up and placed her to sit on the counter. Her big green eyes were filled with admiration and I couldn’t help but feel lucky that this little girl was soon going to be part of my family.

“We’re going to be real sisters now Vivienne,” Holly beamed, “daddy said so and he said that we can share rooms and have sleepovers and be best friends.”

I laughed as I nodded, “Of course we will Holly.”

“And we can share secrets,” Holly continued in her excitement, “and you can put nail polish for me like the last time you came and I can brush your pretty hair,” she replied touching my hair, then spoke in awe, “and we can be princesses.”

My mother walked into the kitchen, interrupting our princess conversation, “Viv honey, would you be a dear and take Holly to the park?”

I frowned, “Sure, but what about you-”

My mother rubbed her temples, something she did when she was stressed, “The wedding planner just called. Apparently she had to leave to see her grandmother and can’t do my wedding so she’s referred me to another planner who’s coming over shortly.”

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