Frostfire Character Information

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Bryn Del Aven

Age: 19

Birthday: January 9th

Tribe: Kanin

Job: Tracker

Bio: While Bryn was born and raised in the Kanin capital of Doldastam, it wasn’t easy for her, thanks to her mixed heritage. With her mother being Skojare and her father being Kanin, it was hard for her to fit in. She has been working hard to make her way up the ranks, hoping to eventually be promoted from tracker to a member of the elite guard that protects the kingdom.

Ember Lise Holmes

Age: 16

Birthday: April 11th

Tribe: Kanin currently, formerly Trylle

Job: Tracker

Bio: Ember is full-blooded Trylle, having been born and raised in the Trylle capital of Förening. After the war between the Trylle and the Vittra, her parents uprooted her and moved to the safer Doldastam. After moving, Ember quickly developed a friendship with Bryn Aven, thanks to their shared outsider status. Following in her old brother Finn’s footsteps, Ember became a respected tracker.

Tilda Ranetta Moller

Age: 20

Birthday: February 19th

Tribe: Kanin

Job: Tracker

Bio: Tilda comes from a long line of trackers sworn to protect the Kanin changelings. Strong but reserved, she spent most of her childhood training alongside Bryn. Now considered one of the most capable trackers for the kingdom, Tilda tries to find a balance in her personal life by making time for her boyfriend, Kasper.

Ridley Mikael Dresden

Age: 27

Birthday: March 17th

Tribe: Kanin

Job: Rektor

Bio: Despite a reputation for being wild in his younger days, Ridley always took his job as a tracker seriously, in part because he wanted to honor the legacy of his father – a member of the elite guard that was killed in the line of duty. After Ridley retired from tracking due to his age, he became the Rektor – in charge of the tracker and changeling details. When Ridley took his position, he took notice of Bryn’s quick thinking and tenacity, and despite being her boss, they soon struck up a friendship

Konstantin Elis Black

Age: 29

Birthday: July 12th

Tribe: None, formerly Kanin

Job: Former Högdragen

Bio: Konstantin grew up in Doldastam and sky-rocketed from tracker to the Kanin royal guard in record time. He was admired by many in the kingdom for his skill in the King’s summer games. Until four years ago, when his unprovoked attempt on the chancellor’s life left him on the run as a wanted man.

Linus Fredrick Berling

Age: 17

Birthday: April 13th

Tribe: Kanin

Job: Markis

Bio: Linus was left as a changeling with a host family in Chicago. He grew up knowing nothing about the troll community or his royal parents. That is until Bryn Aven tracks him down to take him home.

Evert Henrik Strinne

Age: 38

Birthday: November 4th

Tribe: Kanin

Job: King

Bio: Evert has been the King of the Kanin for over fifteen years, following the untimely death of his cousin. His ascension to the throne was somewhat contested, but since the former King had no direct heirs, Evert was crowned. Considered by some to be detached, he is doing his best to uphold the traditions of his kingdom. 

Mina Viktoria Strinne

Age: 25

Birthday: October 13th

Tribe: Kanin

Job: Queen

Bio: After growing up in a small isolated Kanin town, Mina came to a ball at the palace, where she met the King. Instantly smitten with one another, they had a brief engagement, and Mina has been ruling by King Evert’s side for the past five years.

Mikko Rune Biâelse

Age: 32

Birthday: May 5th

Tribe: Skojare

Job: King

Bio: Mikko was born and raised in the Skojare capital of Storvatten. His father was known for being a firm and somewhat tyrannical ruler. Since taking over as King since his father’s demise several years ago, Mikko has been striving for a peaceful reign.

Linnea Lisbet Biâelse

Age: 16

Birthday: June 16th

Tribe: Skojare

Job: Queen

Bio: Naïve and excitable, Linnea is still trying to understand her role as Queen of the Skojare. She’s only had the title for less than a year, following her arranged marriage to King Mikko, but she is determined to make the best of things.

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