Chapter 23 - Day 10: Before The Ball

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Chapter 23

Day 10:

Before The Ball

From the shadows of my dream, I allowed the past, the present and even the future to envelope me in its happiness, its health and its agony. I hadn't done it since I'd arrived and it felt like a decade ago. Considering ten days pass with every one here, I've been here for just under four months that's a pretty long time for me. Days however, were starting to pass as a normal day would on earth. I didn't know whether I preferred that or the long endless days they were before.

The memory of earth and its unfortunate new inhabitants made me flinch, the thoughts of Bonnie, Jayden and the rest happily set up in a nice apartment made me relax but something new made me pause. The cacodemons. Something Aavan said in the Unnamed Realm...

"...Now, me and my brothers and sisters were hired by a very arrogant demon. I'm not permitted to tell you who, of course."

"And why not?" I asked.

"My employer is a very vigilant person. He doesn't know I am here however."

Her employer... Who could possibly employ her...?

"We were hired to avoid a very powerful angel and bypass her through the doors so we can await further instructions. We cannot destroy someone like you, we're nothing but demons' in between what is right and wrong."

Slowly, I opened my eyes and as usual, ignored the empty space beside me. So much for finished brooding, I thought with a frown and a yawn. Although we may both be busy for this ball, I hadn't seen him properly in a few days. But, the day has finally come. The ball was tonight. I was the fabulous guest of honour. Woopty-dee for me.

I flipped my hair away from my face as I sat up and focused my gaze on the new addition sitting comfortably on my chair in my bedroom.

"Yes?" I croaked.

"Well, you're not damn well talking to me I had to sneak into your room."

I raised a brow and tried to hide my smile. "While I'm sleeping Tristan really."

He stood with a stretch and shrugged it off like it really wasn't weird that he'd snuck into my room, past the guards, past Fey even and sat down without even attempting to wake me. "What'd you expect me to do? You've been here just over a week and you've ignored every and any chance of speaking to me."

"Tristan, you realise sneaking into this place is punishable by banishment?"

He harrumphed and shrugged yet again. He hasn't changed one bit. "Would you let them banish me?"

"That's questionable." I said. "Why are you here?"

He moved cautiously to the side of my bed and sat at my feet. "To talk to you."

"Yeah? What about, I have a lot to do today."


"Tristan, the ball is today," I insisted, sliding from beneath my sheets to my bathroom. "I have to greet, I have to walk around the town like the apparent saint I am, I have to kiss baby's, and right now you want to-"

"I'm going to stop you." He shouted through the doorway. "Did you hear any of what you just said? Greet? Walk through town? Dude you're royally whipped."

I sighed and ignored him as I started running a bath.

"Alex, you've fallen into your roles and I admire you for it, sure."

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