5 || Suspicious Looking Goop

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Everyone quickly filled into a classroom that looked more like an arena, very similar to the last room. It was shaped like a square, and very spacious.

Lady Villini was a very elegant woman, with light brown hair that cascaded down her back, and piercing brown eyes. She swept to the front of the crowd of students, her gossamer dress trailing behind her. Why she would wear that to a lesson where things would most likely be blown up was a mystery.

 "Lysandra," she stated, addressing the class. She looked around the room. "Please call me Instructor Lysandra. Just to make this clear now," she paused, raising her voice. "There are three ground rules in my class. No cheating, no lateness, and no destroying my room." She smiled slightly, mouth curling upwards at the edges. "Now guess what you will be learning in my class."

A boy near the back of the room raised his hand enthusiastically. "Water magic?!" 

I winced as Instructor Vivian scowled at the poor kid. "What? No. Where did you hear that? We will be learning Aether magic in my class, and we will be starting with protective wards. Line up here," she said, indicating a line of tape. "Single file, we don't have all day."

Once the class maintained some semblance of order, she beckoned the first person in line forwards. "You see the table over there?" It was around 6 feet away, and held a dark grey block on it. "To create a shield, you usually have to be within 10 feet of your chosen object. The farther you are from it, the bigger your shield, the more quickly your power will burn out. Step 2 feet away from it, and say this: 'Praesidium.'" 

The girl, someone I didn't recognize, stepped towards the pedestal. "Pray sadium?" Nothing happened. "Praesidumb?" Still nothing.

Instructor Lysandra rolled her eyes. "Praesidium. Idium. Not dumb."

"Praesidium?" The girl said slowly, as if testing out the feel of the word on her tongue. Which she probably was. A faint silvery glow emitted from her hand, and a bubble-like shield expanded over the object.

"Very well," Instructor Lysandra commented, motioning for the girl to step back again. "Let us see how your shield holds up. Holding up her own hand, she muttered something that sounded like "inspiratione." 

Her magic briefly flared a brilliant white, before sending a ball of something  towards the shield. It was blindingly white, but was also iridescent. The magic collided with the shield and blew right through it, colliding with the grey thing. When the orb of magic made contact with it, it exploded, slivers of goo flying outwards. I heard a faint "ew," from some kid behind me, but I didn't look back to see who it was. 

I did roll my eyes. It wasn't that gross.

"Next time, say the spell faster," Lysandra commented, casually hitting a small blue button on the side of the pedestal and engulfing the room in vibrant blue light.

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All the spells mentioned are latin words.
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- Nia 🌟

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