Chapter 1

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"Mom!" I whined over the phone.

"Son, Its too early to whine over the phone..." My mom replied.

My mother, Is the President of our Country, South Korea.

Even though She has the highest place in this Country, She really didn't care about how she act.

She only care about helping other people. Even If she's so busy she would visit some provinces and other places to help them all in needs.

And, she hadn't tried to forget her time for me.

I guess, She's the Mom that everybody wants.

"I think I need a body guard or like a Personal assistant." I get out of my room and headed to the kitchen.

I even own this house. She bought it as my Birthday gift.

"Why all of a sudden?" She said, worrying could be heard in her voice..

"Well, Yesterday, when I went to go eat at the mall, someone pulled me harshly and keep on asking me If I'm the President's son..." I opened the refrigerator and pulled out a I liter of Fresh milk, pouring it to my Thick drinking glass.

"I thought you didn't want someone following you before?" I heard her chuckled over the phone....

You see. She's not that forgetful when it comes to me. *wink*

"But, that's before Eomma~" I leaned onto the kitchen counter and sat on it.

"Ne, ne. Arraseo. I know that you'll be needing my help when it comes to this so, I actually... prepared it before, but don't worry. I'll send him right away and, he'll be there by lunch."

Right, I forgot to tell something about me.

I'm Luhan. Son of the President. I don't want to study for the mean time, but If needed, I will. I'm in my early 20's and living alone in this big white elevated house.

But my friends call's me Luhannie or Lu.

"Son, why don't you try to get someone in a relationship with you? I'm just scared and worried maybe, just maybe when I'm gone, Who's gonna take care of you?"


"I just want someone who can protect and will always take care of, to love you."

"I do-"

"You know, son.... I'm not always here for you. I know you know that I don't care If its a guy or a girl am I right? And, you didn't have your own first in relationship-" I cut her off.

"Okay, Okay okay. Mom, I'll promise you that before you left your place, I'm gonna be in a relationship."

"Promise?" She asked,

"Promise." I said, sighing over the phone.

"Okay son."

"After Lunch? Not bad, for who's always busy in her own country." I said while swinging my feet up and down.

"Okay son, Work is coming. Gotta go~" She sang at the end of her line and hung up.

"After lunch, ey?" I jumped off the counter and left my phone on it.

What should I do? I don't feel like eating breakfast.

Still, I want to sleep moooore!!! *Launches to the Living room's Sofa*

All I knew is that I stared blankly at the pillow and I drifted off to sleep.


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