Chapter1 part 2

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Austins POV

If Layla was to come to your school would you mind watching her for me." "No not at all, how old is she" "she's 15". "Cool shell be in the same year as me then" "yea I guess...."

"Well bails good to see you,I've got to go back into school before I get caught out of the gates."

"Ok Austin, see you after school, oh and are you coming with me Megan Eddie and Brandon after school".

"Yer" I hug bails quickly before running back into school.

"Bye" I shout down to her.

My plan to go home was completely shut off I thought it was home time then I remembered it was lunch.

Another two lessons ahead if me great not....

I met my best mate Alex at the tennis court and he was with his girlfriend Tia.

"Hey bro" he says while holding his hand out for our handshake I decline.


"What's up bro something got ya down"

Tia looks at me her eyes sad it was like only I could see it though.

"No" I shake my head and raise my eyebrows.

"Come on man you can tell us"

"I'm okay".

"Fine bro, Ti baby ill be back"

"Where are you going" she asks hurt in her voice.

"I'm going to see Olivia"

"Oh ok" she replies.

"Tia are you okay"I say to her, she was watching her boyfriend flirt with Olivia O'Riley and Sammy renders.

"What" she says as she looks up at me

"Oh am I okay"

"Tia tell me I promise you ill keep it secret"

Water is flooding from her eyes

"No, no T don't cry, come here " ipull her in for a hug.

"It's okay if you need someone you've got me okay. She nods her head I hear the sobs the tears seeping through my top as I put the hair from maround her face behind her ear.

"He keeps doing this" she whispers into my shoulder.

"Tia tell him"

" I can't. He always leads me on sees one of the popular girls lets go of my hand and let's me fall to the bottomless pit of love."

I take her hand and place it in mine.

"You're strong you can do whatever you put your mind to. If you don't want to do it ill do it now,i'll embarrass him in front of everyone. You don't deserve this."

She lifts her head off my shoulder and is searching my eyes she knew I was serious. She nodded then flung her arms around my neck.

I rose up off my feet taking Tia in my hand and walking over to Alex, who was laughing at whatever Olivia said.

"Yo Austin"

"Yo no!"

"Cool it bro"

"How about you stop being a jerk oh you can't because you are an attention seeking prat.

He raised his eyebrows

"Wait I'm not finished" I say

"You left your girlfriend so you could speak to a bunch of slutty cheerleaders no mate. Your not like that I want the old Alex back. Ever since you started that football crap you've been a total a total a a twat to everyone who meant the world to you.

"Leave Austin" sam says as if she owns the whole tennis court"

"How about no"

Everyone gasps slapping there hands to there mouth no one gets gobby to cheerleaders because of there jock bfs would beat the shit outta you.

The bell rings Tia and I walk down to our next lesson and forget what had just happened.

Layla's POV

I went to the town To buy some essentials before I leave for the airport in the morning

Part 3 on its way....

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