just u that i want

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FROM the moment I saw u. It was only u from the start to me.because you was the only one that I thought of everyday.But well u never thought of me in that way.ur eyes were only for shownu (starship trainee,no mercy survival,now monsta x leader wrote this in 2014) hyung in our trainee days!well I maybe was cruel but I was happy when shownu hyung got cut from our agency cause maybe I will have a chance to make ur eyes twinkle for me like when ur eyes twinkle seeing shownu hyung dance.I thought I may have a chance well I was also sad but just because of u I could not stop feeling that way but at the moment I saw u crying besides the stairs because shownu hyung was leaving I couldnt hate him much more than I did!u was crying so hard, I just went beside u without thinking, I wanted to hug u comfort u but the only thing I could do was offering a handkerchief .u rest ur head on ur lap, and was crying.u raised ur head to get the handkerchief,with red eyes.seeing u cry like that brought me to tears but I still could notice that how beautiful u was while crying.much more prettier than any girl.maybe u noticed my feelings in that moment,u stared at me for awhile  with ur teary eyes.I couldn't bear ur curious eyes .I just stared at the ground!after letting go of my eyes u just stared through the thin air.Thats when I raised my voice "jinyonga, let's leave this place,let's go to the studio".again u met ur eyes with me and stared at me.I slowly reached to u and supported u to raise from where u were seated but ur eyes didn't let go of my eyes.u was staring at me constantly.I don't know about what u was thinking about but I also didn't let go of ur eyes cause I love them.
Hey,guys it's my first fanfic,pls forgive me for grammar and spellings,next chap is about Jr's OPV. Comment about this if u can,thank u !♥

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