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After what happened Rosita became distant, she didn't want to talk to anyone not even me or Fez.
The only person she would talk to was Nate.

Remember? The guy Rosita used to have a thing with? Weird?

Nate and Rose always had a weird relationship.
She was before Maddy, she was his innocent doll. He would do anything to make her happy.

And she was happy.

Until one day she found him sleeping with Maddy.

That day broke her. Now in the future she still talks to Nate even tho he was abusive and toxic.

She never really learns but

I don't blame her.

"You shouldn't be hanging out with low life's like them anymore," Nate jumped on Rose bed.

"Don't talk about them like that."

Nate rolled his eyes at her. "Nate, I don't blame them for what happened."

"Then what's the problem." Rosita took a deep sigh. "I'm just scared thats what Fezco goes through like every week," she stated.

Nate sat next to her and held her hand. "I'm sorry, I'm just worried for you." He put his hand on her thigh. Rosita knows this is a bad idea but she knew that Nate is always there for her.

"I'm here for you okay?," He looked into her eyes. They both leaned in and their lips touched each other. It started with a tender kiss then it got more passionate.

One thing led to another and they woke up in each other's arms.

"Nate, why did we do this," Rosita looked into his icy eyes. "You have a girlfriend."

Nate ran his finger through her hair. "You are better than her." Rosita sat up and said, "You said that before you left me for Maddy."

"That was in the past, now your my only priority," Nate replied giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Since the carnival is coming up, you should come with me."

Rosita knew her relationship with Nate was not the best. He reminded her of her father, maybe thats why she was attracted to him in the first place.

She slowly nodded and got ready to leave his house.

"I'll see you soon," Rosita said leaving his room.

It was time of the annual carnival and Rosita is in the place she least wanted to be. The Jacob's Chili Stand.

Even tho a month ago she agreed to doing this, right now she didn't feel in the mood.  This whole month has just been her being lonely, missing Fez and Rue, crying, her mom and Nate bugging her, and today was the day when her dad left her.

Rosita was sitting down until Nate's dad came up to her. "Rosie sweetie, you look a bit down, take some chili would you,?" he said grabbing a bowl for the girl to eat. She took it, not to be rude even tho she didn't want to eat it.

She gave him a big smile. "Thank you! Mr. Jacobs!" The man left then she instantly went back to her sad face.

When all of this was happening, she heard Nate and Maddy arguing at the front of the stand.

"Yo, why are dressed like a hooker?"

Maddy looked confused and replied,"What?" She was waearing a standout purple crop top with these very unique latex bottoms and had jewels on her eyelids.

"I can't have you here dressed up like this!" Nate said grabbing the girl's arm. Rosita didn't want to get involved, because she already knew Maddy hated her guts.

"Well, maybe it'll sell better," she said not giving a shit. Nate told her to go home and get changed. Rosita didn't want to say anything but did anyway, "What the fuck was that Nate?"

He looked at the girl siting down. "You saw how she was dressed, she knew my parents were gonna be here," he strongly replied. Rosita rolled her eyes and the next thing she knew Nate was talking to McKay.

She took this as a chance to leave the stand. The girl went out the back and tried to look for the one and only Fez.

After 6 minutes wandering around, she saw the boy smoking next to one of the games. Even tho she didn't talk to him for a month, she was scared to face him again.

In the past weeks, Rosita has been ignoring his texts, calls, his drives to her house, her school, and even trying to talk to her when she goes to buy something at his store.

Sooner or later he didn't try anymore.

And she felt bad.

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