I just felt a cold and hard thing on my waist.

Then unknown person whispered to me.

"Don't get too long here, fucker or you'll die."- anito at bumaling kay Winter.

"I'll go."- sabi nito.

Di ako ipinanganak kahapon kaya alam ko na baril ang nakatutok sa baywang ko.

Pero I love my life.

"Oh sorry Winter. I forgot, kailangan ko bumalik agad sa school, sa guild for preparation. I'm sorry. But I promise, I'll be back."- I smiled.

I saw her loneliness before she nod.

"Psh. Keep smiling. Please?"- I said then pinched her cheek.

"But still. Thanks for the visit. You made me feel better."- she smiled then I kissed her sa cheek.

Then leave.

I was about to ride but...

Tokwa ohh!

The unknown person in Winter's room grabbed me to the parking lot.

"Stay the fucking hell away from Winter."- he said coldly. "And don't you dare kiss her nor lay your filthy fingers on her."

I smirked.

"I.WONT.THINK.TWICE.TO.KILL.YOU."- he said and disappear.

I want to ask things.

Kung sino ba siya, etc.

Pero wag na, baka di na ko sikatan ng araw bukas ee.

Saan ba ito nagsimula?


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