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The Dancer and The DJ
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hey (Y/n)! You're on in five! Lucy, you too!" (Y/n)'s boss said, poking her head into the locker room.

"Yes ma'am!" (Y/n) slipped on her heels and finished up her makeup.

(Y/n) is a performer at a club, not a stripper, but a dancer. Yes, some of the girls that work at the club use poles and (Y/n) is one of them. They don't remove their clothes, but just put on a show to keep the clubbers entertained.

"I heard there's a new DJ working today. Are they any good?" (Y/n) asked one of her coworkers.

"Actually, for this being his first day, yeah. He's incredible. He sees you and he knows exactly what to play for you. He gave me the perfect song for my style." She responds.

"Wow. I bet you he won't be able to figure me out though." (Y/n) smiles.

"I doubt it. You're the mystery of our club, nobody can figure you out. That's why they call you the She-Devil." Lucy says, standing beside (Y/n) in their matching outfits.

"Which is why I go on in a pair, because the DJ picks for the other girl and I just go with the flow." (Y/n) shrugs.

"Lucy! You're phone's ringing!" Another one of the girls exclaimed, handing Lucy her phone. 

"Hello?" Lucy answered, "Right now?! But I'm at work! Damn! I'm on my way," Lucy turned off her phone, "Sorry (Y/n) you gotta go on alone. My sister is in labor and I need to be there. Will someone tell Missy for me?"

"Sure thing! Tell you sister we said congrats!" One of the girls shouted, watched Lucy rush out of the door carrying her bag.

As if on cue, their boss, Missy, pops back into the locker room, "(Y/n), Lucy! Ya'll are up!... Where's Lucy?!"

"Her sister went into labor so she had to go. Don't worry Missy, I can go on alone." (Y/n) said.

"It's not you I'm worried about, it's the DJ. Not one of them has been able to pick the right song for you, and I'm betting on a newby here. I'll just tell him to play-" Missy turned.

"Don't. Think of this as a test for him. If he can pick the right song for me, then he can become a permanent DJ for the club. If not, that's fine." (Y/n) shrugged. She walked through the curtain and onto the dance floor where the lights went dark.

"Alright Party Animals! Next up to dance is the infamous She-Devil!" The DJ announced as (Y/n) stood before a crowd of people. She put a hand on her hip and glanced over her shoulder at the new DJ. He smirked and looked her up and down, giving her a wink.

He tapped a button on the machine before him and (Y/n)'s eyes widened.

Somehow he knew exactly what to play.

"Give the She-Devil some love!"

(Y/n) smiled and put her hands behind her head. Then, her hands began to glow neon pink and green, the color lighting up on her body.

(Y/n)'s quirk, Rhythm. Based on the song played, her body will move exactly to the beat of the music. When the right song is played, her hand glow and her outfit lights up with them.

She smiled as her body moved to the beat of the music. She swayed her hips and danced like it was the last night of her life. She was having so much fun, much more fun than she had with past DJs.

Speaking of DJs, (Y/n) turned around and walked up to the DJ section. She continued her routine, but around the DJ. He smiled at her as she danced around him. The crowd cheered for (Y/n) as she finished her dance and ended by leaning on the DJ.

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