💔Mirio Togata💔

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You rolled in your bed and flipped over, patting the empty spot beside you. Opening your eyes you grumbled, the sheets thrown off and your husband had left. Rising up in the bed, you stretch your arms above your head.

"Mirio~!" You called softly. He poked his head into the room and raised an eyebrow.


"Why'd you get out of bed? It's two o'clock in the morning.." You rubbed your eyes, glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand.

"Because Naiomi was crying." He said innocently and left the room once again. You smile and shuffle out of bed. Leaning against the doorframe you watch as your husband uses his quirk to faze his face in and out of the wall.

"Peek-A-Boo!" You can hear him say to your little ball of sunshine in the other room. You giggle watching him do this and walk into Naiomi's room. The small blonde girl perks up at the sound of her door and sees her mother standing there.

She squeals excitedly and grasps at open air for her mother.

"Alright, alright." You say, approaching her crib. Dipping down, you carefully loop your hands under her armpits and lift her up into your arms. You cradle Naiomi against your chest and bounce lightly on your feet rocking her gently back and forth.

Slowly, Naiomi falls asleep in your arms and you sigh. Gently setting her back down in her bed, you drape a blanket over her small body and place a stuffed elephant beside her.

You yawn and exit her room, closing the door softly behind you. Mirio watches as your trudge your way back to your shared room. Your lay down in bed and curl into the sheets. Mirio climbs into bed beside you, wrapping an arm around you to pull you closer to him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another night, Naiomi woke up screaming. She came running to her parents room and threw open the door with tear filled eyes.

"Mommy! Daddy!" She shouted. Mirio sat up with half opened eyes and you groaned.

"What is it Naiomi..?" Mirio asked tiredly.

"I had a scary dream!! Can I sleep with you tonight?!" Naiomi asked, trembling in her own skin. You tapped Mirio and he glanced at you, which you nodded.

"Sure thing sunshine, come lay down here between Mommy and me." Mirio pat the space between you and himself. Naiomi scrambles into the bed and Mirio laid back down, covering Naiomi in a blanket.

"Mommy..?" Naiomi whispered.

"Hmm..?" You hummed.

"Your tummy moved."

"That was your brother..." You mumbled, starting to snore. Mirio chuckled and pat Naiomi's head.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Mirio Togota! What in All Might's name are you doing!?" You shouted. Mirio had Kenji strapped to his chest and Naiomi was hanging on his back whilst he attempted (made a mess and a small fire) dinner.
You had just arrived home from work, a little later than usual.

"I wanted to treat you to a nice dinner. But you can see that didn't go very well." He admitted. You sigh and face palm.

"Mommy's back!" Naiomi came running and crashed into you, enveloping you in as big of a hug as she could manage.

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