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~Loving you remains my weakness~
-Eric Aghaulor.


"Its Eric" I answered

There was a pause before I got a reply

"Oh... Come in" Selena said and I turned the door knob as I let myself into her room

"Hey" I greeted

"You are not permitted to greet me casually" Selena voiced.

Argh! She always have to remind me of how much of a coward I was to breakup with her.

I would admit that what I did was messed up.. But it had to be done...

I cleared my voice and said..

"Sorry ma'am, Can I please talk to you?"

it sounds so strange talking to her this way, not less than 2 years ago, She was my girlfriend who loved the sound of my voice and openly admitted how good of a kisser, I was.

She would hug me and say how much she missed me

I miss being at that end of her affection

And her cold shoulders are slowly tearing me apart

It was easier not having her around
At least, all I had to deal with, was her popping in and out of my mind occasionally

Now, she is here and all the chemicals in my brain are acting dysfunctional.. I can't think clearly anymore.

I honestly miss her but I had to breakup with her in a manner where she would hate my guts.

If i had stayed with her, i would be putting her at risk

My Gang, The Infernos were having issues with a rival Gang.

This rival gang is known for gang raping girlfriends of their enemies/rivals.

plus with the new gang's mission to make Shawn Angoteh pay for my brother, Fredrick's death. It was best to let her stay away from me.

I planned to come back for her

But then, the sight of that Murderer, Shawn and Selena totally got me mad crazy and I almost ruined our plans by nearly.. Just nearly letting my emotions control my actions.

He gets to take everything from me, everyone that truly mattered to me and I swear, he would regret the day his hands took away a life.

But first, I can't let this hatred that Lena.. Sorry, Selena has for me to continually grow.. I have to talk to her and tell her the truth but not the entire truth..

Feeling nervous all of a sudden... I lean my back on the wall which eases my nerves as I faced her..

"I know am the last person you want to talk to but please permit me to explain myself"

"You had 2 years to do that, I am sorry but if this is why you are here... Pls leave!" She yelled.

To hell if I would leave here without explaining myself

"I understand why you hate my guts... I would too, if I were you. You know I was in a gang and I did not let you in on what we were into, trust me it was all for your own good. We got into a little brawl with a rival gang and well, our rival gang are pretty known for gang raping their enemies or should I say, rival's girlfriends? And trust me sooner or later they were gonna find out The Infernos Gang Leader's girlfriend was you and I had to break up with you till we dealt with them. This might sound so unreal but I rathered lose you than watch the pain you would go through of getting gang raped, and fighting myself with a plague of guilt on how I could have done something to prevent that event from ever happening."

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