Chapter 41: I need info

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"Tell me everything that you know." I said to her as the Doctor started his work on her. "Fine I'll tell you everything but you have to promise to let us go." She said. "I made a deal and everyone knows I'm a man of my word. Besides are they not working now." I replied.

"It all started when Athena was ten. Vakovinof moved in two houses down with his Aunt and Uncle. At that time Athena didn't have any friends. She never played with anyone besides me and my friends. Then one day a little boy around her age came into the yard asking her to play. From then on they were inseparable. Marcus did the protective father duty and had him checked out but what he didn't know was Vakoninof's father had not only his son but his wife's sister and her husband that cared for the boy assume different identities for safety reasons. Therefore when Marcus had them checked out they were clean. While all along he let his precious princess be bestfriends with the son of the most revered Russian criminal group and his enemy." She explained through heavy breathing as the Doctor was fixing her.

"Wait so your telling me that this person coming for my daughter is her best friend little Nicholas?" Marcus asked. Katherine laughed bitterly. "Yes that is what I'm telling you. You know him as little Nicholas Barnis, but his real name is Nikolai Vakovinof. He is now the head of the Russian criminal organization. By the way there is nothing little about him anymore trust me." She laughed as she looked over to see the healer working on her mother.

"Continue with what you were saying about Athena. Why is he coming for her?" I asked trying to get her to focus because she could possibly pass out any moment. She sighed as if she was steading herself. "You see as Athena got older she has grown into a woman that men desire. Don't ask me why because I don't get it. He was no exception. As she grew up she developed feelings for him and as did he for her." She explained.

"He would have had her years ago however she had this idea to wait for marriage like her birth mother. Stupid I know but she stuck to it as I'm sure you know. I will give it to her men flipped when hearing about it. It made her more desirable. He was not exception. He left a year before you and Athena married to learn the family business and take over. He did this to show he can provide for her. Before he left he made sure that no one would be around her. I guess you did get the memo." She continued her voice growing ragged from the pain the Doctor was inflicting.

"When I left I ran away with his cousin Ivan that I was in love with. Ivan however got killed and I found my comfort in Niko. He by then knew of your marriage and was non the pleased. He offered me a chance to have a very comfortable life if I helped break the two of you up. It would have been a bonus if I got to keep you after too. Either way though I was getting paid. For I will simply become his mistress while Athena is his wife." She explained.

"Why would you do this to her? What has she done to you?" Caleb was the one to ask. "What has she done to me? What hasn't she done to me. Why can she have a father who dotes on her when my on father denied me? Why does everyone love and adore her and despises me? Why does every man want to wife her but only fuck me? You ask me what has she done to me." Hahaha she laughed bitterly. "She was fucking born that's her crime against me. I hate her. I always have. I only ever played the good big sister to gain her father's love and financial support. You don't know how many times I wanted to push her off the balcony or down the stairs. I hate her with everything in me." Katherine hissed out the words as if they were dripping with venom that burnt her tongue.

"You had someone that loved you though. Ivan you said so why choose to  go for Athena after he died?" My father asked her. Hahaha she laughed again. "Ivan, yes I loved Ivan more than anything. Even more than Vincenzo which I didn't think could happen. I for a time thought we could live happily forever until Niko had Ivan start tailing Athena. Then slowly Ivan changed." She closed her eyes.

"He would talk to Niko about how graceful Athena moved. How smart and kind she was. He would then start questioning me about my actions. Why can't you cook... I mean you grew up in the same household as Athena and she knows how to cook. Why do you shop so much? Athena shops but no where near what you do and when she does it's always for others. I just watch her buy that lowlife husband of hers twenty four thousand dollars in suits. Plus a hundred and fifty thousand dollar watch today while she was out shopping. Do you know what she bought herself? I'll tell you not a damn thing .... and what did you buy today? Let me guess you got everything your heart desires and got me not a damn thing. Have you even cooked dinner for me today?" She said in a low mocking tone as if she was Ivan. "That is what my life became like the last few months before he met with death." She explained opening her eyes again.

"How did he die?" I asked feeling like something was off. "Oh Niko and I had him killed. Really it was Niko I just helped lure him there. You see Niko could tell Ivan was becoming obsessed with Athena and after all Niko has claim on her so he had to off him to get him out of the way. I just new he no longer loved me instead like everyone else he was in love with her." She explained with a smile as he body jerked back and forth from whatever the Doctor was doing.

"No one but me has claim over my wife." I yelled and she laughed. "Do you? Look at it in this light. When it comes time to face Niko whom she knows as her loyal best friend that she has loved forever. The one who has scared away the boogeyman from under her bed when she was a girl and kept her safe throughout her life." She paused and inhaled deeply. "The man that has made her laugh every day and felt loved whole heartily. Do you think she will choose you her husband who threatened her family to force her hand in marriage. The man who has cheated on her. The man that has made her cry more than smile. The man that makes fear run through her heart instead of love. If you do then you are an idiot. He is coming for her and he will have her and you will be alone at the end because you chose her who was already claimed instead of me that was willing to be yours." She laughed.

A mixture of screams and blood soared through the air. "You promised you wouldn't hurt us." Katherine screamed. "Well as you can clearly see he did not hurt anyone. I'm the one that just slit your mother's throat dear and if you keep pissing me off by telling me stories instead of telling me facts about a man that is after my Princess I will also end you." Philippe Athena's Grandfather said as he held the very knife that just killed Elizabeth to Katherine's throat.

"I think I might idolize you." I said. "You sound like a little bitch saying that." Philippe replied with one eye brow raised. "Okay he is officially the coolest person ever." Caleb said beside me and all I could do is smile and nod in agreeance.

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