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Albert's POV

I wake up early Saturday morning to my mom calling me. "Amy!!" She shouts.

I hated that name....i hated the girly sound....the sweet tone people use as they say it.....the things people say about it like "it's such a pretty name" or "it fits a girl like you perfectly" but the name wasn't the problem being a girl was the problem ever since I was little I thought things would have been so much easier if I had just been a boy.

Before going down stairs I brush my teeth. As I look at myself in the mirror my heart sinks, my long brown hair and huge breasts made me noticeably a girl. I sigh as I run downstairs to see what my mom had wanted.

"Oh honey Jake was just over he wants you to meet him at the park in a few minutes." My mom tells me.

Jake had been the only person who called me Albert, he's the only person who accepted me and seen me as a boy but then again he's the only one I've "come out" to. I quickly rush upstairs to get dressed. I look through my closet to find the best boy clothes I have. I didn't have any actual boy clothes as my parents would never allow it but I had some tomboyish clothes so I picked those out and headed to the park.

Jake's POV

I sat on a bench waiting for Albert impatiently. He always ended up late. He usually gets lost or gets distracted so it wasn't a surprise when he showed up almost 30 minutes late.

"Hey sorry, I stopped at taco bell." He said taking a final bite of a soft shell taco.

"Bleh I would never go near that stuff" I made a fake gagging sound. "Anyways I had an idea...Or more so a suggestion"

"Yeah what is it?" He asked looking hopeful.

"Well it's about time we cut that hair of yours. I mean you want it short don't you?" I pulled some scissors out from my pocket and motioned him to sit down. He was hesitant but eventually gave in. I knew he would've done anything to get rid of that long hair of his.

"Just don't make me bald...." he gave me a smile and I began to snip away at his hair.

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