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Pen Your Pride

Falling for hot jerks

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Chapter 1

We were standing in the courtyard waiting for the bell to ring for school to start. Oh, my name is Christina. I have two best friends named Maia and Noemi. Mark walked up to us. Noemi kissed him when she saw him. He was horribly shocked but kisses back. Three guys passed us all and one bumped Mark into Noemi.

"What was that for?" Mark asked the guy turning toward the guys. They kept walking. Maia and i walked up behind them and tapped the other two on the shoulder. When they turned around, we stumbled back because of their hottness. They both smirked. 

"What?" One of the cute ones asked. We couldn't say anything so we giggled. They looked at each other. and i guess they had a weird idea because they started walking forward and we started walking backwards. 

"Where are you going?" The other cute guy said. 

"I'm Blake." The first one said.

"I'm Drake." the second one said. They had us against the wall. 

"Uh... I.. I... I'm Maia." Maia said stuttering. I gulped and looked at Blake.

"Um... um... well... I'm... I am.... Christina... I think." I said not sure about anything. Blake and Drake smirked again. 

"And I'm Matthew but you don't see me acting like a freak." The kid that bumped into Mark said. "Come on Blake and Drake, we have better things to do than talk to these nerds." 

"Well it's not like we want to talk to you... meanies." I said. All three guys started laughing. 

"Christina, Maia, let's go." Mark said. We stepped around the guys and walked towards Noemi and Mark. I looked behind us while we left. Blake and Drake were watching. it was weird having the two hottest guys staring at us.

We walked off to class since the bell rang, it sucks that Maia and I had the same classes as Blake and Drake so now we had to deal with them. At least we didn't have to deal with Matthew at all. During 4th period Noemi got picked up for an appointment and Mark had to stay after class. On the way to 5th period I felt someone grab my hand I look up and see Blake. I look over at Maia and Drake has her hand.

I pulled my hand out of Blake's and ran off I guess Maia did the same thing because she was running with me. Then we saw Mark and he started to walk with us too. We were late because of the jerks slowing us down. We got a detention with Mark, Blake, and Drake which sucks. Now we have to send another hour with the jerks. At least I had Maia and Mark. Neomi was pissed when we walked out of school an hour late.

Mark walked up to Noemi and kissed her on the cheek. "Why are you guys so late?"

"Blake and Drake made us late and we got detention." Mark said with a sad face.

"I'm sorry babe and my besties i knew those man whores would get inoccent girls like you in trouble." When Noemi said that, the twins walked out.

"So you think we are man whores?" Said Blake. 

"Well, yeah, she probably thinks that all you do is sleep around with all the sluts in the school like umm, idk, Debroah because that's what you both do." Mark said protectively over Noemi.

"Well then I guess we are going to have to make a bet now won't we?" Said Drake.

"Well I guess so." Said Noemi.

Maia and I were standing there in silence just plane shocked about what was going on.

"Okay so me and Drake will date Christina and Maia for 3 months to prove we arn't jerks or man whores." Drake said with a smile.

"What will dating Christina and me prove that you guys arn't jerks or man whores?' Maia said shocked.

"Well you guys would be around us alot, you would know that we are being successful about not trying to get other girls." Blake said.

"Well who said we wanted to be around you?" Maia and I both said at the same time.

"You'll never know if you never try." Blake and Drake said at the same time.

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