Facebook Allows US and Canada Users to Move Media to Google Photos

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Facebook offers a platform for fostering meaningful relationships, the latest information, reaching out to loved ones, call and chat, and many other useful tidbits for the users.

No doubt, Facebook has eased down the woes of connecting, collaborating, and sharing a special moment, clicks, and information with each other. And in this run, now Facebook has announced that the U.S. and Canada citizens can now easily transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos. Yes, you heard me right. Let's find out more about it, with this post today.

 Let's find out more about it, with this post today

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Facebook tool to transfer photos and videos

For the very first time, Facebook is letting users in the US and Canada transfer their photos and videos to a rival tech platform. This tool is a part of their Data Transfer project, which was announced in December 2019. And is an outcome of an agreement between Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter to simplify data transfers.With this tool users, can send data stored on their servers directly to Google Photos.

Is it safe to transfer photos?

Although, this new tool is built on open-source software, but data will be encrypted throughout its journey between the sites and to any other platform that is added in the future. Also, the Data Transfer Project was announced following the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU. Further, legislation wants that companies inside the EU must offer data download tools to users, that can also create a seamless process for antitrust concerns. Facebook is scheduled to appear before the Federal Trade Commission in September to discuss the benefits and challenges involved in this process.

How it will work?

To transfer photos, users need to click "Your Facebook Information" in settings. There will be an option to transfer photos and videos. By clicking on it users can carry the process. Although this tool is already available in several other countries, for the US and Canada, this tool will roll out now.

Final thoughts

Indeed, this is a great opportunity offered to Facebook users, as the current pandemic has encouraged users worldwide to stay engaged with social media to gain information and entertainment dose. If you are willing to get a social app crafted for your business, then you must reach out to Techugo- a leading social media app development company, and help your business to grow exponentially.

Also, keep watching this space for more engaging tech updates to woo you further!

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