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Hey. This is book 3. I am working on it, and hereby pledge to give every chapter my all. I decided I'm moving author notes to the start of chapters (I'm pretty sure nobody reads them) and I just wanted to say that there may be some sensitive topics in this book, there will be a warning in the author notes (which is why it's so important that you read them, for trigger warnings!). 

 Some of the characters, you know. Some of them, you will know with due course. Some of the information will change as you carry on reading. Hopefully you get a better understanding on the character's personalities and backgrounds so that you really grasp the plot. 

I can't thank you guys enough for the support and patience that have made this book even a possibility. Recently, as I write this, book 1 has reached 100k reads (which is insane!!), and book 2 is nearing towards 50k reads. Thank you so so much. I love you to the point where I cannot put it into words. Hopefully, you guys will be impressed and everything will be worth the wait.

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