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Requested by: Le-Jean

Jung Min POV

Me and Jungkook have been dating for awhile without my parents knowing until today and yes I am finally going to tell them about our relationship...

I went towards my mum to tell her about me and Jungkook I was a little nervous on whether or not she will stop me and Jungkook from dating but we will never know till we ask.. I started opening my mouth telling her


Jung Min: Mum I have something to tell you.

Mum: What is it dear?

Jung Min: Me and Jung Kook have been dating for awhile now..

Mum: Okay..


When I thought everything was fine and went to my room I heard someone knocking on my door, I opened the door to see my mum telling me to go down for a talk and I was shock to see both my parents with Chanyeol downstairs they said they have arranged a marriage for me and Chanyeol and told me to break up with Jungkook and stop texting him or calling him, I went up to my room and called Jungkook telling him about the arranged marriage but when I was about to continue my mum came barging into the room and took my phone away and telling Jungkook that was still in the line that me and Chanyeol is getting married and to stop seeing me... I know in my heart that he was sad and heart broken until 30 minutes later when he came to the door but I wasn't awared about it since I don't have my phone or anything but I could hear my dad talking downstairs and hurried down to see Jungkook.. I wanted to go down to the door but was stopped from my mum she had to drag me all the way up to my room...

Chanyeol was still downstairs sitting on the sofa before my parents decided and told me to stay in Chanyeol's house till the wedding I had both my parents helping me pack and sending me over to Chanyeol's house so that Jungkook won't come and find me in my other house which is my parents house, on the way to Chanyeol's house I took note of where his house was so in case of any emmergency I know where I am... Before we entered the house my parent gave my phone to Chanyeol and told him not to return it to me.... I looked at the place Chanyeol put my phone and secretly took it when he was sleeping and walked to the bathroom to call Jungkook when suddenly Chanyeol barged into the bathroom with a knife am I was lucky enough that I have told JUngkook the address of Chanyeol's house before Chnayeol barged in and have not end the call.. Chanyeol took the knife and cut my wrist letting the blood flow down my wrist and left me there to bleed soon everything turned dark.... Next thing I knew was that I was in the hospital seeing Jungkook and a few of BTS members there Jungkook was sleeping with his head on the edge of the bed and with my other hand in his hands.. Without doing anything to disturb his sleep and without moving the hand he held I moved my injured hand and touch his cheek softly... He slowly woke up and held my hand tighter and told me that my parents had came and see me but went back leaving Jungkook and a few of BTS members here to take care of me...


Me and Jungkook was walking hand in hand strolling at the beach when suddenly he stopped and held and box in his hand and kneeled down ' Jung Min will you marry me? '... Not trusting my voice and nodded and he slid the ring on my finger and kiss me on the lips before hugging me....


Le-Jean hope you like it.... If you guys wanna request just leave your NAME AND PLOT in the comment section or message me and I will do it as soon as possible for you guys and hope you guys like it... Guys finally a long imagine no more short imagine for now.... YAY!!!

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