Chapter Two : Nice to meet ya!

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Neveah'S  POV

"Okay class! That's it for today. Tomorrow is the last day for assignment submission.See you tomorrow " Mr Perv,our information technology teacher ended his class. Yes,his name was Perv. Mr.Raven Perv.

It was lunch so I hurried towards my locker. Hunger took the best of me and i was so engaged in thinking about food that i didn't realise where i was going as i ran into a hard wall or a person !?

I fell to the ground and my laptop slipped from my hand and crashed with the ground. The screen broke into a hundred pieces looking like several small pearls scattered all around.

A sense of shock and horror crossed me when i realized my assignment has gone to waste.I looked up as my eyes met with the same green eyes i had seen this morning.He gazed at me and my laptop in quick succession from under the hood he never seemed to take off .

"What the fudge! You- You- Look what you've done!" I yelled at him in anger picking myself back up. "You can't see where you are heading?" He exclaimed rather calmly. "I was in a hurry you doofus,The laptop had an important assignment." I was angry and frustrated.

"And how does that concern me?"He smirked. SMIRKED? "You broke my laptop!" I yelled impatiently.

He leaned in closer looking down at me.He'd probably be at least 6' because he stood taller than me even though i was 5'10". He brought his mouth close to my ear and whispered "Better watch out where you are going otherwise you may run into amazing people like me." I felt a shiver course through me as his warm breath fanned my ear. He pulled back gaing at me with his intense green eyes and walked away.

I stood their trying to process what just happened. I looked at my laptop knowing for sure that it can't be recovered.  


I entered the buzzing cafeteria and plopped myself on the table where all my friends sat. I heard  Luke and Sus argue over something "No you idiot,it is not possible" Sus snapped.

"But why can't we ride a bicycle underwater?"

"Because it won't move and moreover who the fuck would ride a bicycle underwater?"

"I would" Luke exclaimed in a child-like glee.

I rolled my eyes at their stupid conversation as Vani and Louie joined us."What are they arguing about now?" Lou asked pointing a finger to them. "You really want to know?" Jayden asked in a bored tone munching on his food.

 "Wait..Nevermind" Lou waved it off. Just then Gabriella entered the cafeteria and sat in between Jayden and me letting out a huge sigh. "What's wrong Gaby?" I asked.

"Ella,You look sad. Is there something bothering you?" Jayden asked concerned ."Nothing Jy, i just had a small fight with Mike yesterday.He haven't called me since." She replied referring to her boyfriend who was a student in Somerset High School.

 I noticed the sadness and jealousy on Jayden's face. He had liked Gaby since Sophomore year but couldn't find the courage to ask her out when she started dating Mike. He had admitted his crush to me and Lou later that year.However Gaby seemed oblivious of the fact.

"And since morning Trisha and her hanger-ons can't stop talking about The Davien guy and his friends Daniel and Sydney .I was bored so I practically sprinted here."Gaby stated putting her head on the table.

Gaby was a part of the cheer-leading team but what made her different was that she'd prefer (or as lou's sister Riley would say) "FRIES BEFORE GUYS." This is what i liked about her she was fun and easy to talk to instead of the other girls on the cheer-leading team who were arrogant,fake and filled with unnecessary pride.

"Is it the new guy they were eyeing last week?" Vani tuned in the conversation putting her hair in a ponytail avoiding the stares she got from the guys around the cafeteria. Vani got a lot of attention from all the guys and therefore was despised by many girls. She looks nice would be an understatement, she was one of the most beautiful girl in Oakwood High.

"Wait that guy? He's a jerk and talks nonsense!" I exclaimed remembering what happened before i came here.

"Hold on. He-Davien the mysterious guy talked to you ?" Sus asked probably shocked.

"Yeah, he is just cocky and arrogant " I replied easily taking a slice of my pizza.

"Nev, That guy haven't talked to a single person in this school other than his friends. Yesterday Trisha tried to talk or may i say flirt with him and he just stood up and left not uttering a single word!" Sus voiced her thoughts.

"As if i care!" I remarked as the anger came back from the incident.


I waited for Lou outside school. Usually Lou would pick me and vani up in his car because i lived near his house and well let's just say Vani couldn't be trusted with a car.

The sun was setting down leaving a hue of orange and red in the sky which reflected on the basketball court. As i took out my camera and took a picture of the sky,i heard shuffling behind me.

I turned around to see the same guy-Davien being pushed towards me by a girl of around 5'6". She was small,her brown hair in a half bun yet her eyes were piercing black staring at the green eyed idiot.

"No Syd,why would i do it ?"He whined.

"You have to. Now go!" She crossed her arms after pushing him straight in front of me.

"Uh um okay!" He huffed as she gave me a small smile which i returned.

"Hey..uh..Nice to meet ya! Would you like to come with me to my place or should i come to yours?" He blabbered putting his hands in the pocket of his hoodie,the hood still not off his head as his intense green eyes bore in mine.

 What does he have to do with me? I didn't even know this guy. Why would we be going to each other's places? I stood there in utter shock trying to process what he just said.


Hey beautiful people!

What do you think Davien is saying?

And what are your thoughts on Sydney.



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