Chapter 16

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Something shook

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Something shook.

Zyanna's confused eyes flickered to look at mine, but I was caught in the same state.

I moved away from her, my gaze helplessly torn away from her lips, and started to get up when she stopped me, and rapidly shook her head.

I cocked my head at her, as she slowly raised her forefinger and placed it against her mouth. She then brought the hand that I had pinned down, and put it against her chest, as she drew a cross in the air in front of it.

She was telling me to cease the sound of my breathing. 

She and I both sucked in our breaths at the time, as subtly as possible, and looked around the room.

A peculiar sound was being released, almost like clothes colliding with each other in a rush, tendrils of it escaping so silently that it could have almost gone unnoticed.

Something didn't feel right.

We tentatively separated from each other's proximity, trying not to make any noise, as I tried to sense any movement.

My eyes travelled around the room, but I couldn't see anything suspicious. Zyanna bent down and checked the space under her bed, but came out shaking her head with a silent no.

We couldn't see anything else until Zyanna raised her palm and pointed at the tall wardrobe standing in the corner of the chamber.

I nodded my head at her and we started to quietly walk towards it, while my baffled self tried to theorise who or what could be there, especially at this time and place.

We reached the wardrobe and as I was about to turn the knob downwards, when a sudden familiar voice from behind us pulled us both out of focus.

"I'm sorry, the door was open so I thought I'd let myself in-" Aaliyah paused, a stunned look running into her face, probably similar to the one I wore at that moment. "Brother? What are you doing here?"

"Uh, Lia. Though I could ask you the exact same thing, I just came here to check on Zyanna, and see how she was recovering," I quickly responded.

Aaliyah folded her arms and arched one of her eyebrows at me, almost in a scrutinising manner as if she didn't exactly believe me. "How coincidental. I remember you asking me to make sure Zyanna was tended to well, so I thought I'd see to it myself in person."

"At this hour?" I questioned, as Zyanna flickered her eyes cautiously at our exchange, her attention still partly directed at the wardrobe behind us.

The little detectable remnants of the sound suddenly stopped within seconds, as if it was only a figment of my imagination.

Perhaps there was something wrong with the wardrobe?

"I was actually going to find you after, brother, but it seems that I'll be killing two birds with one stone now."

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