Chapter Thirty-Three: At Home

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"Two newcomers?" I repeated, Oliver nod for an answer. I stepped forward, "Do you know who they are?" I asked, eager to know who they were. Emmanuel and Oliver both exchanged looks, the look on my face suddenly changing. Then, Emmanuel spoke. "We don't know much of who the two people were." said Emmanuel. I frowned, feeling disappointed.

"I'm sorry, but is there any way I could possibly meet them?" I ask, and then again Emmanuel and Oliver looked at each other with suspicion written all over their faces.

I licked my lips, trying my best to stay put. There was a glimmer of hope deep inside me, and I wanted my assumptions to be right for once. Could it really be them? That's something that I cannot fathom. And what felt like an eternity of chewing my own lips, I finally got shot back to reality. "Of course, madame! You can meet them. Although this town is rather big, it's best for you to venture tomorrow, yes?" Oliver answered.

As much as I wanted to protest, the tiredness struck me like a lightning bolt. I could already picture myself in the small bed with my back on the soft mattress. Then again, I was too focused on the tour around this beautiful, peaceful village that it didn't quite add up to me that the sunrise from afar was starting to go down. It was a beautiful scenery, and I wished nothing more but to stay in place until it finally disappears along with my thoughts and problems. How I wish it could be that easy.

To forget everything and start a new life in this village. But how selfish I could be to think of that, when many people had already put their lives on stake just for me.

I smiled at the thought of Simon, as I hold onto the little light of hope that he might be just roaming around this town, the same of my own two legs on this town.

When we finally got back to the house I was welcomed with, I was greeted by a table with a bowl of porridge in front of us, the smell of savory spices lingering through the air, I could already feel the pungent smell making my stomach growl for food. Emmanuel ran up to Patricia, giving her a kiss on the lips as he greeted her in their native language. Patricia looked at me as I sat down on the chair. A bowl was in front of me, ready for me to take some porridge.

Patricia served us the porridge, as she sat back down to serve herself some as well. As I took a spoon full of porridge, it felt warm inside my mouth. It tasted savory as there were added spices and vegetables. It almost dissolved in my mouth the second I've tasted it. My taste bud were satisfied with the simple homemade meal, making it fulfilling.

I have grown tired from the steaks, and other meat being served to me on a daily basis. It almost tasted blunt and out of reach with this simple meal. It made me remember about my own mother's porridge. Only it was sweet. I could hear my mother humming her favourite song to me as she fed me with a delicate smile painted on her face. She always took good care of me whenever I was sick, leaving behind everything. Her work and other businesses.

I look up and gave Patricia a smile, giving her a look of delight. I never felt so at peace in a home of people that I just met. There was no tension between us, and there was certainly no thoughts of feeling like eating with the devil himself. Not knowing whether I was on the edge of death already.

"How was the tour, (y/n)?" Patricia asked, breaking the silence between the three of us. I turned to Emmanuel who was busying himself eating his wife's meal. "It peaked my interest very well. Your husband makes a good tour guide! He has so much information to offer." I replied back, making her chuckle. "That's the reason I came to love a man like him." She said.

"You two must be very much in love with each other." I chuckle, turning my spoon clockwise on the bowl of porridge in front of me. "I'm a very lucky girl (y/n). And I'm sure that whoever man that would meet you would be very lucky. You are a very sweet girl, (y/n)." she replied, smiling at me with her rosy cheeks getting my attention. I smiled back.

"How did you two met?" I asked, trying my best to keep the conversation going. Emmanuel and Patricia exchanged looks as I chew my lip down. And just then, they started laughing. "I'll gladly tell, (y/n)." Patricia clapped her hands. I sigh in relief, knowing that I didn't create any tension between the three of us.

"You see, I'm a girl from a high class family back at Britain, but we moved here at France for business. And was a runaway just like you. I was damned with anger from my family for a reason. And then, I came across this village. And that's when I met Emmanuel--" she looked at him and gave him a cheeky smile, "When I first laid my eyes on him, I knew I was in love. He let me stay in his home for a while until our love for each other. But lightning strikes and I was met face to face with my mother and father who was ready to take me away and get me back to their damned place," she sigh, looking down at the porridge.

"I confessed my love to Emmanuel right at the moment they were about to touch me. Of course, they were furious with it. A woman like me falling for a man like him? Preposterous! they say--" she let out a laugh from mimicking her mother's voice. She looked up at me,

"Then, they gave Emmanuel a choice. They would give him a grand of fortune but he was not allowed to ever see me again, or not accept the offer and continue our love story. My family had high hopes that he would choose money over me, but I knew Emmanuel better than that and he chose me," She smiled, "My mother and father kept their words and gave me a last threat and never made communications with me ever again. How I wish things would've been more different. But now here we are." she gave me a delicate smile as they both held their each other's hands.

"When someone loves you, of course they would be willing to sacrifice everything just for you." Emmanuel added, making me smile this time. I nod my head, "Of course they do."

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