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Kageyama POV
I take my shoes off and greet the house, getting happy 'hello's' from my mother.

I plonk myself onto my bed and open my laptop.

'Japanese Sign Language' I searched.

Too many results came up.

"Why am I even doing this?" I said to myself, and proceeded to click on a video.

It was way too complicated.

I felt like an idiot sitting in my room by myself learning sign language.

I've only met the guy once, but I feel like I owe it to him.

"So this is 'hello'" I say to myself, copying the action on the screen. "And this is 'how are you?'"

I groan and lay back on my bed, knowing full well that's all I can memorise.

"Hello" I say to myself. "How are you?"


I walk into school the next day honestly a little nervous.

Of course, I wanted to greet Hinata properly, but I was also scared of messing it up and offending him.

"Damn it" I mutter to myself, kicking a rock.

I noticed Hinata now a lot more now that I knew him a little.

He was in three of my classes, but I didn't actually end up talking to him there.

He on the other hand got along with everyone he was put in front of instantly.

I would say it's almost sociopathic, but I guess his personality just matches up with a lot of people.

Anyways, I doubt someone like him could be a sociopath.

He was actually the one to come up to me, I was standing by the busted vending machine trying to get some lunch when he tapped me on the shoulder.

He smiled up at me and waved.

I looked at him and then away, feeling flustered, I slowly signed, 'hello'

I was a bit scared for his reaction but when I turned around, he was looking at me shocked.

It wasn't an offended shock however, he had stars in his eyes and he started smiling.

I smiled down at him and he smiled back, signing back, 'Hi!'

I signed 'How are you' to him, before realising that's all I know.

He signs something back, and I don't really get it so I just stare blankly at him.

I think he knows what I mean, he picks up his lunch and we sit to eat.

Of course it was silent, but he passed notes to me every so often.

He even taught me how to sign my name, which was pretty cool.

Come volleyball practice however and he seemed like a completely different person.

Hinata seemed like the type of person who could stand out no matter what he was doing, but not talking to anyone he seemed pretty lost.

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