A numb hug

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And i tell you everything
Everything that i can remember
It sounds so stupid
It sounds so little
It's different
It's not like in my head
Am i being ridiculous
But now that I've said it
There's no going back
My eyes sting from the tears
And there's silence
And i know... i know
You dont know what to say
You don't know what to do
So you hug me
Because that's what people do
And at this moment
I realise
I should have kept quiet
And now I have no choice
But to hug you back
And wait for this embarrassment
To be over
So i cry and i cry
I've lost my dignity
And now the only thing I want
Is for us to pretend
That this didn't happen
And I know you want that too
You didn't sign up for this
And i have put you in this situation
It was easier when it was all my secret
And i was living in my own world
The truth was what I wanted it to be
I didn't have to trust anyone
Nobody had to believe my lies
Except myself
Now I have brought you into my mess
And I want you out
So im sorry that you have to live with this
I'm sorry that my sorrow ruined your perfection.

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