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Chapter One:

*Ross' Point of View*

Wow, what a crazy last few months! But things have finally worked out, Avery and Rocky are finally back together! And now my big brother is spending the rest of the week in the Big Apple with his girlfriend and her uncle. While I'm stuck here in LA, working!

It's a warm sunny morning as I parked my car in the studio parking lot. As I started to make my way into the building, I heard someone singing from around the corner. Out of pure curiosity, I made a detour to see this beautiful blond girl holding an acoustic guitar, singing.

“Kiss me again, Underneath the moonlight, You're more than a friend... oh, I knew it from the first time... yeah, Hold me, feel my heart beat, Put your arms around me and kiss me again.”

I was memorized. Pulling my wallet, I dropped a couple singles into her open guitar case. “Thanks.” She said cheerfully, than went back to singing.

I looked down to my dining iPhone.“Where are you?”

I sighed and started to walk away, but before I completely around the corner I glanced back to the guitar girl. But I couldn't see her anymore, she was completely surrounded by an adoring audience. I walked away with a goofy smile on my face.

When I walked in, I was bombarded by the director. “Ross, where have you been?”

“Sorry, I was a little distracted.” I apologized, making my way over to hair and make up. I was surprised to see Laura in the room.

“Hi Ross.” She tried to smile with a little little wave. But I didn't say anything back, right now I was still upset with her.

She took a deep sigh. “Ross, I know that you are upset with me, and I completely understand. But please talk to me.” Laura pleaded.

I turned back to her. “Laura, I know that we work together and all, but just because we work together doesn't mean I have to like you.” I laid it all on the table.

Laura bit her lip and nodded her head. “Um- okay, I understand.” She got off her chair and walked out of the room. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through my blond hair.

I finished up with hair and make up, than I ran into Raini and Calum talking in the middle of the Sonic Boom set. “What's wrong with you?” My red head friend asked me.

“I feel bad.” I explained. “Laura was trying to apologize and I kinda yelled at her.”

Raini looked at me with sad eyes and rested her hand on my arm. “Ross, I know it's hard, but it's gonna get better. And maybe one day you guys might be able to be friends again, but I think everybody is going to have to learn how to trust her again.

I nodded my head and wrapped my arms around her, giving her a hug.


After work, I walked back over to the corner, hoping that the blond girl was still there, I know it was a long shot that she would be there after all day. When I walked over, she wasn't there. With a sigh, I walked back to my car and drove home.

I walked into the house. “Mom, home!” I looked down to see Avery and Rocky's dog Cupcake running through my feet. I knelt down to pick the little guy up. “Hey there buddy.” Walking over to the couch, I kicked my feet up and turned on the tv. Score! Teen Wolf was on!

Mom walked into the living room. “Ross, chores?”

I groaned. “Mom! Can I just finish this episode?” She sighed and walked put of the room.

After watching one of my favorite shows, I slowly made my way to mine and Ryland's shared room to clean up. Turning on my laptop to put some music. Than I had an idea! I typed in the words the blond girl was singing, hoping that I could find who she was. But oce again, I had no luck. The only thing I could find was a band called “We Are The In Crowd.” I sighed and threw myself onto my bed.

A Ding! Ding! Sound cut off the band I was listening to. I got up to the laptop to see that my older brother Rocky was sending me a video chat request. “Accept.” I muttered out loud, pressing the green button.

The screen was filled with Rocky and Avery both with beaming smiles. “Hey guys!” I smiled.

“Hey Ross!” Avery grinned. “Miss you!” She did the heart thing with her hands. I did the same.

“Miss you too Sunny.”

“What about me?!” Rocky asked, pretending to be hurt, holding his hand over his chest.

“Ph, no, you ditched us and went to New York.” I said sarcastically.

“Hey! It was very worth it.” He grinned ear to ear, planting a kiss on Avery's cheek, causing her to blush.

I groaned. “Guys! Still here!”

Avery playfully pushed my brother away. Than looked to me with a giant smile. “Ross, look at what Rocky got me!” She held up her left hand. I had to squint to see it through the screen. It was the green promise ring.

“That's awesome Sunny!” I said and really meant it, I'm glad my brother found some he loved.

We chatted for almost half an hour before Avery's uncle Liam came in, said a brief hi, told me to tell Rydel hi -they're dating- and said that they had to go to dinner.

“Alright. Bye guys!” I smiled, ending the chat. When I closed my laptop, I fell onto my bed. “I hope I'll find a love like that...”


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