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M: I'll shower with you

S: no I cant..

He looked confused but he placed my hands on my hips

M: Why what's wrong..

S:umm this is embarrassing but i-

M:  I just wanna shower with you

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M: I just wanna shower with you

He started kissing my neck and took my towel off but I pushed him aside

S: I'm on my period.

He stopped and looked at me

M:oh I'm sorry I didn't know

S: Its okay mattia

M: I'll wait for you outside

S:yeah I'll be down in a bit

M: okay

He smiled and closed the door

I sighed

S:that was close

Kairi came out and laughed

K: What the fuck

S: Shut up

K: What was that

S: he was probably just horny

K: Since when are you 2 that close

S: I dont know damn stop asking so much questions

K: Shit...

S: what?

He looked down and his member was sprung up... and phew ..🥵


k: it's your fault

S: how!?

He pointed at my body. I was completely naked

Shit I forgot mattia took my towel off

I laughed

K:its not funny

S: Maybe I can help

He widened his eyes

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