Missing you

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A/N: okay so honestly this one was just in respect to all those men or woman who have lost their spouses. It just came to me so here it is. I know it's hard but it gets better. God bless:)

Missing You

Everyday gets harder, knowing you are gone.
Every breathe gets deeper when I hear our song,but I can still feel you here; deep inside my heart.

Everything I see reminds me of you.

Every smile, every laugh,every voice, every face; sounds and looks like yours.I can't get you out of my mind; you're everywhere I turn.

Even the moon betrays me when I look upon its luminous shine. It only reminds me of your bright and kind eyes.

The sound of the wind is deceiving, for I think it's your soft voice in my ear whispering sweet nothing's.

Our room haunts me with the mesmerizing scent of you. No matter how many times I wash the sheets, the scent only seems to linger stronger in my nose and mouth as I lay asleep alone at night.

I crave your touch; I long for your hugs, I wish for your kisses.

I miss you so but I feel you here and I know this loss is only temporary. I will see you soon and when I do, that will be when all my dreams and wishes of you will come true.

I love you;

I miss you.

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