Extra Chapter (Inosuke) : Reading Lesson

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Inosuke did not listen to whatever Tanjirou is currently saying regarding his behavior earlier; chasing down Zenitsu like there's no end instead of letting their wounds to recover completely. The main things that the male cares about are being better at fighting than anyone else, and food.

Though seeing that both of his friends didn't seem to want to fight him as of right now, even after he forced them with his constant yelling, Inosuke's eyes automatically averted to a certain someone who's busy reading a book in the distance.

You were too occupied in your own little world, and did not even notice that both Zenitsu and Tanjirou were so desperate to stop Inosuke from getting near you.


You jolted when your ears caught someone shouting from your side, almost to the point of you dropping the book in your hands. As you look up, the familiar boar-masked male was right in front of you, with both hands on his hips as his head as if looking at you with a glare.

On the other hand, Zenitsu is constantly yelling near Inosuke's ears because he's disrespecting your privacy, but the latter pay no mind to it.

"U-uhm..? What is it.. Inosuke-san?"

"FIGHT ME, WEAKLING!" Inosuke shouted, interrupting your words abruptly.

Didn't know what and how to respond, you glance for a moment at the other two in the distance, still desperate to try to convince Inosuke to not be noisy for one minute.

"I don't want to fight you." You try to answer as politely as possible, "I can't move my body as much as before because-"

"..Yeah! That's why I called you weakling earlier!" The male proudly said, resulting for Zenitsu to have more reasons to be mad at him. He then yelled directly toward his ears, forcing Inosuke to turn around by getting a hold of one of his shoulders.

But it seems like his boar-masked friend didn't take him seriously.

"Hah?! So now you're challenging me, Monatsu?!"

"..Tanjirou can I punch him?"

Hearing those words from Zenitsu made you and the burgundy-haired male flinched before you stood up from your position with frowned eye brows, "no! Zenitsu-san, I know you're angry, but let's not sort things out by violence-"

"But he wanted to fight you, (Y/N)-chan!" The yellow-haired male replied, pointing his finger towards his now dumbfounded friend as if accusing Inosuke that he had committed a crime.

You only shook your head then let out a sigh, "leave him be, I can handle it."

Behind his mask, Inosuke's eyes sparkled in excitement, "huh?! So you're going to fight-!"


And with that one simple answer, was enough to silent the boys. You didn't release anymore words even after picking up your book and went inside to read it in your own room instead.


"Didn't you hear what (Y/N)-chan said earlier?! Have you learned nothing from it?!"

Inosuke went silent, as if actually trying to comprehend the yellow-haired male's words.

"..What's learning?? Is it tasty?!"

On the other hand, Tanjirou could only face palmed witnessing the two to continue arguing. At this rate, seperating both Inosuke and Zenitsu is mostly a daily basis to him.


As the morning sun haven't rise from the horizon completely, you took a step out before going to the garden that's located in the back of the wisteria household, carrying a new book Hisa led to you yesterday.

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