Extra Chapter (Zenitsu) : Blooming Present

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A familiar voice rang in between the sound of your hands gently flipping pages of the book that you borrowed from Hisa earlier. It is a book about many new ways to do pharmaceutical activities that may or may not help you in the future. Not to mention, it can may even help you to upgrade your breathing techniques just for safety purposes.

After closing the book and left a mark at where the last page you read, you look up to see a certain energetic yellow-haired male, sprinting towards your figure in a fast rate. He stopped right in front of you while breaths in for air a few times before deciding to look at you with sparkly eyes.

"What's the matter, Zenitsu-san? You seems to be rather excited.." You asked as you lift up one of your eye brows, "did something happen?"

Immediately, the male took a hold of your hands and clasping them together with his. You sweatdropped seeing a few bullets of sweats on his forehead, thinking that it was either from the way he run towards you or because of something that he's about to say.

"(Y/N)-chan!" You yelped seeing his excited expression, "please, come with me tonight!"

It took you a while to process his words, "umm.. I think I need more context here.."

"Just-! Please agree to come with me later! I'll also bring Nezuko-chan with us! I promise you both will like it!"

Zenitsu could feel the sudden tensed atmosphere surrounding him as he waited for your answer. He's just praying to himself that he won't freak out because of the direct contact with your hands and resulting for you to reject his request.

He would be so happy if he could get you to come with him, especially when he succeeded in convincing Tanjirou to let Nezuko to come with him too, with an exception that they'll be back before midnight.

Now he just need an approval from you.

"Well, where are we going exactly?"

"Eh? Uhm-- I-it's actually a.. Surprise.." His voice trailed off, as if his excitement was drained out of his body. His mind led him to think that you might refuse his request because he kept the place he's going to take you to a secret.

But observing his attitude for a second, you understood what he's trying to do, which leads you to give an answer that caught the male off-guard.

"As long as we're not going too far from here, why not?"

You didn't know how much your answer meant for the boy.

Knowing the fact that he's going to spend one night having a walk with two girls at the same time caused a loving feeling inside of his heart. Now, he's just praying that his bad luck side won't intervene his chance to get close to the girls he admired by a sudden rainstorm tonight.

Especially with you.

After smiling widely to himself, Zenitsu thanked you for taking the time to talk to him (which of course, he'll cherish until his last breath) and release his grip of your hands.

Seeing his figure getting smaller by running back inside the household, somehow made you excited of where the male is going with his plan to take you and Nezuko somewhere that he's sure for you to love.


"Ah- Nezuko-san, here, let me help you."

You reached out one of your hand for Nezuko to take a grip of, in which the demon girl grasp rather tightly to avoid from getting her kimono wet because of a puddle.

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