Chapter 18-Dirty Little Boy

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Phone sex XD lol---->

Chapter 18

Dirty Little Boy

Sullivan's POV

I stare at the screen with tears pouring from my eyes. This can't be happening! It is though, it's really happening. My heart is clenching as I watch Simba trying to wake up his dad. God I hate this part but I love this movie so much. I sniffle and stuff my mouth with Milk Duds as Scar makes his appearance. He's such a horrible brother and uncle. Power hungry jerk! My phone suddenly starts ringing making me groan.

"Delaney." I answer while pausing the movie and wiping my eyes.

"Hey baby, you okay? You sound like you've been crying." Rowan says worriedly and I clear my throat.

"I'm fine, what's up?" I ask and sip my soda.

"Why were you crying and don't lie to me." He says sternly and I blush.

"Mufasa died." I mumble and there is silence on the phone.

"What?" He asks confused and I sigh.

"Mufasa died and Simba was trying to wake him. It wasn't working though and it's so sad." I say louder with a burning face.

"That's true, that part is terribly sad. Is that why you were crying?" He asks softly instead of laughing like I thought he would.

"Yeah sorry." I whisper and he tsks.

"No need to apologize baby. My eyes water when I'm watching Bambi." He says seriously and I burst into giggles making him chuckle. "Hey that's a good movie. I was heartbroken when his mom was killed." He says in mock anger making me smile.

"How is it going over there?" I ask while running my hand through my hair.

"It's going good baby. I should be home the day after tomorrow at the latest." He says and I beam in joy.

"That's great! I've missed you the last few days Master." I say softly while smiling at my watch like an idiot.

"I've missed you too. What are you doing right now?" He asks with a tone that makes my cock twitch in my jeans.

"Nothing really, I'm at home alone watching movie and eating junk food. Well Markesan is here but he's in his apartment." I say and I can practically hear the smirk in his voice when he talks.

"Go to your bedroom and lock the door." He orders and I stand quickly before making my way out the den and upstairs.

"Um, okay?" I say and lock my door. "Why am I in here Master?" I ask confused and he chuckles.

"Strip slowly. Take off your shirt first. Tell me as your remove your clothes." He says huskily making me blush bright red while putting him on speaker and placing the phone on the night stand.

"I'm unbuttoning my shirt slowly Master. It's sliding off my shoulders before pooling on the floor at my bare feet. My hands are gliding down my bare chest to the buckle of my belt." I say sexily even if I want to die of embarrassment because I probably sound stupid.

"Oh fuck, you sound so sexy baby. I wish I was there to touch you and press your small sexy body against my hard body. You'd be able to feel every hard ridge and you'd definitely feel my large cock pressing into your stomach. I'm so hard for you it hurts." He groans and I moan while pulling my belt off.

"I'm unbuttoning my jeans Master. My fingers slowly hook into the waistband and I pull them down while bending over slowly. I just kicked them off so I'm just in tight white briefs." I say more confidently as he curses lowly and groans.

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