Eyes On Her

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Later that day;

Demi POV-

After I went picking Joe up, we both went to Starbucks to pick us all some hot chocolate up before heading back to my place. I was missing Y/N so much and it only been 8/9 hours but I was scared because of the way I just left her and I hate lying to her. So as me and Joe was waiting for them to make the drinks I sat down at a table and got my phone out to give Y/N a quick text..

Demi-" babe I hope your okay :( I'm sorry again. But just letting you know I'll be home in about 30mins. Can't wait to see you! I got you a hot chocolate, I know it's your fave 😆 see you soon. Miss you! Xx"

I didn't even see Joe stood over me with the drinks in his hands. He just smiled and nodded his head i throw my phone back in my bag and grabbed the door for him, the paps was throwing all sort of stupid ass questions about which annoyed me! We got in the car and start to drive back mine. The car drive was pretty dead only the music playing before Joe open his mouth..

Joe-" Demi what was all the paps about?!?"

Demi-" mmm I take it Y/N never told you "*laughs*"

Joe-" told me what darling?"

Demi-" I know your from the UK but you saying you don't know who I am?"

Joe-" yeah your Y/N's girlfriend..."

Demi- laughs....

Joe-" omg I don't get what's so funny!! I only want to know what the paps was all about... Actually you have a look like someone"

Demi-" sorry Joe just funny. Ohh who do I look like then?"

Joe-" it's fine. You look like *ahhhhhh turn this song up* (by the way it was a Demi song up) sorry I am inlove with Demi Lovato!!!! Anyways yeah that's who you look like Demi LOVATO..!!!!"

Demi-" *laughs* Joe m-maybe that's because I am Demi..."

Joe just stop singing and dancing away and his mouth wide open... Demi start laughing at him again gosh you just could tell he was gay..


Demi-" Yep it's true if you don't believe me ask Y/N because we are here now"

Both Demi and Joe got out the car and walked to the front door but stop when his phone was ringing,

"Demi its Y/N calling me. Imma have pick up even though I'm here"

Convo with Joe&Y/N

Y/N-" J-Joe I need you right now. I've left Demi I can't be around her but I don't know what's hurt me most me walking out or w-what she did, J-Joe *crys* please can I come stay at yours for a few weeks"

Joe-" What happened babe?? YOU LEFT DEMI WHY HUN? Where are you staying now then? Babes don't cry you'll get me crying you know what I'm like haha"

Y/N-" it's a long story this why i want come yours... I'm staying at my nans for now. I'm sorry Joe I just don't know what to do"

Joes pulls his phone away from his ear and tells Demi where she's staying at because now Demi is crying because she's heard everything. Demi writing something on her phone and showed Joe

Joe-" baby girl listen I'll skype you now and you can talk to me on there okay? I'm closer than you think. Give me 10mins and I'll call you. Loveyou. Chin up girly mwah "

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