Chapter 12: Clove

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I am woken after just falling asleep by 2 guards. I sit up scared and nervous. They smirk down at me and I back up in my bed.

"She's excited" one of them says and they grab me. I scream and they cuff me. I thrash around until one of them jabs me in the back. I try to calm down as pain rushes down my spine. I struggle to get away and they just laugh. One slides his hand down my back and it brings me bad memories of a week ago. I look at him in the eyes and he smirks. He runs his hand down my side, smirking at me even more.

"Just in case those rebels get into your mind" Snow starts "We have to change you" they say and strap me to a chair. I thrash and fight as they stick a pill down my throat. They smile at me as I start to get dizzy. I look around an my vision starts to distort from reality.

"What is this?" I ask confused. They seem to ignore me and the pill makes me more tired.

"Cato doesn't love you. You know that right?" a guard asks "Your patrons do. They would die for you, Cato just wants to kill you. He knows you are just replaceable" I frown and feel tears well up. I start to cry but I can't wipe my face because I'm strapped to the chair. I look into their eyes as pitifully as I can and they just laugh at me.

"Why so sad?" a guard asks "You look so pitiful" I frown and look down. "Here take this."one of them forces another pill down my throat while the other holds me down. I try to spit it out but it's too far down to cough up.

"What was that?" I ask, still trying to cough up. They ignore me and start to roll in a cart with a monitor and some vials of liquids. They stick some wires on my head, chest and arms. I thrash around as they try to get to my chest and they finally stick it on me.

"You dare try anything" I start angrily "I will hurt you" they look at me with mock fear and laugh between themselves. I groan and look down.

"Cato hates you" they repeat and then they grab my face. I try to bite at their hands but they have put their hands in just the right position. They blind-fold me and I try to take it off. I can't and I give up once I realize it.

"Cato wants to hurt you" they seem to recite in my ears. They stop, gasping in unison. "Cato get away from her!" I gasp and I am struck on the side of my head with a hard metal rod. I thrash away from Cato and he continues to beat me.

"You're useless" he says in my ear "totally replaceable" he repeats as he strikes me with the rod. I try to scream in pain but he grabs my mouth. He gropes my chest and I start to cry. I feel warm tears cloud my eyes and soak my blind-fold. His hands travel to my core and I feel him, practically sitting on me.

"I miss the old Cato" I think to myself, since I can't say it "He was nice, caring and strong. This Cato is weak" I choke on my own tears. He laughs at me and I hear a door open and close with a slam. 

"Anyone?" I ask carefully "Help!" Someone removes my blind-fold but it's not who I expected.

"Who are you?" I ask as 3 men and a woman in black stand in front of me carefully examining me.

"Clove Sevina, you are free from the Capital" the woman says unlocking my restraints and removing the wires from my head. I smile carefully sneaking out of the door. "Where are you going?" she asks and I bolt. I run down the corridors until I reach Cashmere's cell. She's not in here. I run to try to find her but I can't.

"Clove! You need to come with us!" a woman yells from behind me "You will be safe in 13". I stop in my tracks and turn carefully. A woman with red hair and green eyes stares back at me. I look down and walk back to her.

"Where is Cashmere? If I am going to go, I need to go with Cashmere" I say as forcefully as I can after what I've been through. She nods.

"We have her" I look at her doubtfully. She nods "In the Hover-craft. We got her second after Cato" I shutter as she says his name.

"Okay, take me home" she gestures me to follow her and I do. She meets with a group of men and I start to get nervous. They all lead me to a hover-craft with the Mockingjay symbol spray painted onto the wings.

"Who are you all?" I ask carefully as I step onto the hover-craft. I sit next to the woman and well away from the men.

"I'm Sawn, that's Dextris, over there is Liyn and of course Gale's out to go save someone" she laughs and I shake hands awkwardly with all of them.

"Gale, I know that name. But where?' I think mentally. 'Wasn't he Katniss' cousin or something' I finally realize he is. I sit bored watching outside the window as they load the rest of the captured. They load them in the back, some unconscious some still brain washed.

"Clove!" I hear Cato yell "I need to see my Clover" I start to panic and Sawn comes over. I shake my head when she asks me if I want to see him. 

We start flying and head out quickly and quietly.

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